Supreme's sale is your chance to get whatever's left from the season for cheap

supreme laser cut s hoodie


The discount on select items from the season.

Supreme’s end-of-the-season sale used to be more under the radar, with no announcements for the in-store-only discounts. Things have now changed for the streetwear brand with a $2 billion valuation, and now everyone with internet access and quick hands will have a chance at copping gear on the low.

Supreme launched its online sale today for only the third time in its history. Select items are now available for 40 percent off, and although much of it has already been picked through, there’s still plenty of sleeper pieces to pick up.

The remaining highlights include tie-dye sweatshirts with bear graphics ($58), laser-cut “S” logo hoodies ($94), and “Vampire Boy” fanny packs ($34) and backpacks ($74). In total, 91 items have been put up for sale, but the number left will continue to drop the longer you wait.


Go to the store if you can — While it has been a blessing for Supreme to give more people access through its online sale, the best place to purchase is still in stores. Even more items may be available at the physical locations, and the stuff doesn’t fly nearly as quickly. A few years ago, I copped a purple Polar-Tec fleece several weeks into the sale — and if that same item would have been put online, it surely would have been gone immediately.

Now that Supreme’s SS21 season is over, hypebeasts will already be looking forward to and speculating over what’ll come for fall and winter. The lookbook typically drops in August, which means we’ll likely only be free from the weekly cycle for a few more weeks.