Supreme's winter T-shirts include a 'Box Logo' and Christmas special

Have yourself a hypebeast holiday.


Just in time for the holiday season, Supreme is dropping something you’ll definitely want on your wishlist. Featuring all-new and returning designs, the brand is releasing a winter collection dedicated to graphic tees, available in an array of colors. Even the Grinch would approve of this holiday drip.

The release will accompany this week’s FW Week 17 drop, which includes Supreme’s hypebeast rendition of the Chucky doll. Although he’s a fun collector’s item, we would only recommend him as a gift to someone on your “naughty” list — he’s not fooling around with that plastic Supreme knife. For those on your “nice” list, this T-shirt collection centers around many hypebeast holiday themes, including a cross box logo and the patron saint of Christmas charts, Mariah Carey. Suddenly, we’re excited for this holiday’s casual dress code.

Not an ugly sweater — The range features nine new T-shirt styles. Leading the collection is a cross box logo tee, available in royal purple, khaki, and classic white and red colorways. If you missed the earlier release of the cross box logo hoodie, these tees are a sweet consolation prize. Their cross graphic is perfect for convincing your mom you’ve been going to online mass this whole time.


Following the logo tee is an homage to Mariah Carey and her iconic Merry Christmas album cover. The T-shirt design features the singer’s cover art, autographed by Carey. In a choice note, it reads: “To Supreme — Merry Christmas Baby. XO Mariah.” Available in black and green, this tee will be all you want for Christmas.

Alongside the bold graphics, Supreme will also drop more subtle options, such as a luxury themed Classics tee that sees “Supreme” rendered in gold cursive. Smaller graphics, as seen on the Blur tee, Bear tee, and flame-branded Chrome tee, are up for grabs if you’re looking to flex in a minimalistic manner. Meanwhile, a penance-themed Everywhere tee is available in baby blue, yellow, and camo.

The "No More Shit" TeeSupreme

A T-shirt labeled the Koyaanisqatsi Tee is based around Godfrey Reggio’s 1982 experimental film centered around the Hopi word meaning “life out of balance.” Talk about relatable. But if you’ve got no words left for this year, we recommend the No More Shit tee, which lists out expressive words and phrases in various fonts, including “motherfuckers.” Pretty much sums up 2020.

Gift the graphic — Supreme’s unisex graphic tee collection will be available online on December 17, while its Japan drop will follow on December 19. Whether you’re eyeing the Mariah Carey masterpiece or the classic cross box logo tee, styles are sure to sell out fast. After all, what’s the holiday season without a little hype?