Supreme and The North Face’s puffer collection has major Michelin Man vibes

The new silhouettes drop this week.

Supreme x The North Face
Supreme x The North Face Spring 2021 puffer pants

Spring is finally here, meaning the weather’s warmer and streetwear drops are hotter than ever. Supreme and longtime collaborator The North Face have announced new heat releasing this week, including jackets, pants, slippers, and even a blanket. The weather-appropriate drop comes just in time for park hangouts and the return of outdoor dining.

The two brands have collaborated on a number of occasions, and with Supreme now a sister brand to North Face through VF’s acquisition, it seems we’ll be seeing a lot more of the two. But in a bid to cash in through in-house collaborations, we hope the brands — specifically Supreme — don’t become overused and tired. After all, hype now revolves around exclusivity.

Last time Supreme and TNF collaborated, though, was last December, meaning VF will probably have the two partner on collections once every season. Any more than that would be overkill — granted you’re not tired of the two already.

Plenty of puffers — For the spring season, Supreme and TNF have prepared yet another lineup of TNF’s classic puffers, vests, and lightweight jackets. To keep the collection from looking tired, however, Supreme has remixed the traditional outerwear with a checkered print, arriving in red, black, and blue styles. The studded pattern takes over most of the collection, also decorating TNF’s classic Thermoball Mule slippers and duffel bags.

Supreme x The North Face

To further keep fans on their toes, the two brands have debuted new silhouettes. A puffer blanket sports the checkered pattern in red, blue, and black shades, while boasting the same water-resistant, breathable nylon as TNF’s puffer jackets. With 700-Fill down insulation, the blanket will add warmth and style to your bedroom, or act as a plush picnic upgrade.

If you’re looking to go full-puff with your outfits, though, you can now opt for Supreme and TNF’s puffer pants. You’ll look like a more hype version of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, but wearing what’s essentially a puffer jacket for your legs will keep them nice and warm. Supreme and TNF’s entire puffer line is also water-resistant lest you get caught in an April shower.

Supreme x The North Face

There’s something for the puffer-haters too. More traditional to Supreme’s past solo drops, a hoodie and branded T-shirt arrive in an all-over blue icicle print. Red Supreme and TNF branding sits by the upper left, while a climber — decked out in orange TNF wear, of course — can be seen scaling the ice print on both the front and back of the two pieces.

Puff or pass — The collaborative collection will see a global release, arriving stateside on Supreme’s website March 25 at 11 a.m. ET. If you’re looking to score a full fit from this capsule though — puffer pants and all — you might want to consider using a proxy service for the Japan drop on March 27. Despite puffer jackets overflowing the market, the style will always sell out so long as it’s got Supreme’s name on it.

Supreme x The North Face