Supreme is invading swimming pools with Speedo goggles and a cap

Perfect for people who love being the center of attention.

As the Supreme season nears its end, the brand is dropping two of its more unexpected accessories. In collaboration with Speedo, Supreme will release this week a swim cap and goggles that'll allow you to be very much that guy at your local pool.

You may be asking yourself who exactly is this person who swims seriously enough to utilize a cap while also being a fan of the most hyped brand in streetwear? Don't fret with such questions, as Supreme needs little incentive beyond novelty to sell out of a branded accessory. I'm not going to say that anyone who squeezes their dome into them is ghost white and bird thin, but I'm not not saying that either.


Want specifics? — The goggles model appears to be one created specifically for Supreme, or at the very least brought back from Speedo's archives. It's distinct from any of the models for sale on Speedo's website, and Supreme says they feature an adjustable nose bridge and mirrored anti-fog lenses for those of you concerned with functionality. It also features a ribboned Supreme box logo on the straps, which should be an effective red flag for any fellow pool goers. Unless, of course, you intend to use these in any sort of swim meet. That would be cool as shit.

The swim cap is a complete surprise, as it wasn't listed in Supreme's Spring/Summer preview. Whether it's made of silicone or latex, I can't tell you, but I can confidently say you'll see these on Instagram worn by knuckleheads aplenty well away from any body of water.

Strap up tomorrow — Both accessories will drop at 11 a.m. EST Thursday through Supreme's webstore and recently reopened physical stores. The goggles will go for a slightly staggering $88, while the cap is priced more modestly at $24. Wearing either, though, will be the furthest thing from modest.