Supreme is dropping its insane $11,000 Sea-Doo watercraft this week

The streetwear label is testing the waters with its luxurious branded Sea-Doo.

Supreme Sea-Doo Spark Trixx

Supreme is rescuing hypebeasts drowning in clout with its latest drop, which includes a massive sticker-covered, Supreme-branded, two-seater Sea-Doo Spark Trixx first announced in February. For those unaware of what the vessel is, it’s not a jet-ski — as if! — instead, consider it the caviar of personal watercraft. Boasting a Rotax 900 Ace 90 horsepower engine, a portable and waterproof 50-watt Bluetooth sound system, and intelligent throttle control, the Sea-Doo can be considered as exclusive as Supreme itself.

Such luxury will cost much more than a Box Logo tee — Sea-Doo's Spark Trixx model is usually priced at $7,699, with an option to add decals for a further $450. But Supreme's version is said to cost $11,000, because it’s Supreme, of course. Whether it’s a lawn chair, fridge, or film camera, anything with the brand’s name on it is guaranteed to retail for nearly double what the non-branded version costs, or more if you’re buying resale.

A literal wet dream for hypebeasts — Still, given the Supreme Sea-Doo’s limited production, hypebeasts will surely sell out the ridiculously expensive vessel — even if that means they have to go halfsies on the two-seater watercraft with another clout-chaser. Together, they’ll be able to ride the waves to the tune of Travis Scott, Drake, or Kanye West on the Sea-Doo’s premier 50-watt sound system.


But obviously, the high-end features of the watercraft aren’t of interest to Supreme consumers, otherwise they would have saved a couple thousand by buying the model straight from Sea-Doo. Instead, they’re paying an extra $3,301 for a permanent sticker pattern made up of Supreme’s most iconic designs, as well as the illustrious Supreme script printed onto the seat and front of the vessel.

More branded luxury available — Those lusting after the branded Sea-Doo will have to act fast, as there are likely less than twenty available to the public. And while we can’t imagine there are more than twenty people — all rich enough to afford the watercraft, and choosing to spend their wealth on it — trying their hand at the Sea-Doo, we’re certain the drop will sell out in minutes.


But if you miss out and still have $11,000 to spend on frivolous items, the watercraft drops alongside plenty of other branded merch, including a collaboration with designer Emilio Pucci. Classic Box Logo tees, as well as more luxurious smoking jackets, will launch this Thursday at 11 a.m. ET through the streetwear brand’s website and physical stores.