Supreme's RefrigiWear jacket keeps you warm in sub-zero temperatures

Like, -60ºF cold.


Workwear is having a moment. It’s no surprise — with the pandemic raging on, consumers want clothes that are both hype and practical. Supreme has tuned in by tapping smaller Georgia brand RefrigiWear for its fall/winter collaboration, creating a perfect medley of street style and functional wear. Their new gear can keep you looking cool while keeping you warm in sub-zero temperatures.

Supreme has long worked with under-the-radar gems that align with its brand. Though you probably haven’t heard of RefrigiWear before, its unintentional style and cool design make the outerwear brand a perfect fit with Supreme. The collaboration also joins the ongoing trend of cool brands adopting traditionally less stylish brands to work with this year, like JJJJound and Eddie Bauer’s technical puffer jackets. Honestly, this trend is a W for hypebeasts everywhere.

RefrigiWhat? — RefrigiWear actually dates back to 1954, when the brand was founded in Manhattan by entrepreneurial brothers-in-law. They sought an alternative to the bulky uniform of layered wool when working in industrial-sized refrigerators. Together, they designed a heavy, industrial nylon fabric that was water-repellent, anti-tear, and wind-proof, padded with a thermo-insulating material to lock in warmth. Known as "Iron-Tuff," these pieces were tested by a journalist who locked himself in a quick-freeze room for an hour. Despite the -60ºF temperatures, he reported that, while his eyebrows had frosted, he remained comfortable.


For decades now, the brand has provided exactly what their tagline promises: “Tough warm clothing for tough cold work.” It even became the unofficial uniform for those taking part in the annual 1,600km "sub-zero" Canadian-Alaskan dog-sled trek. Now, the brand expands from outfitting Alaskan pipeliners and meat locker managers to hypebeasts and outdoor lovers alike. Their top-notch, no-frills outerwear will rival your trusty flannel-lined Dickies and Carhartt coats.

Sub-zero style — Supreme’s collaboration with the brand includes three jackets and three matching vests, all promising the same powerful warmth as RefrigiWear’s classic products. The pieces can be worn together as a matching set or mixed together for a funky look. Definitely the loudest of the collection, the first jacket and vest feature a bright orange base and brown and black camo pattern. The jacket boasts a matching orange faux fur collar.

There's also this sick graphic patch on the back. Supreme

The second set is very reminiscent of the ‘80s in a vivid teal color, while the final jacket and vest combo keeps it classy in all black. All products are made with water-resistant quilted poly with RefrigiFill™ insulation and taffeta lining, and feature patch pockets at the lower front and chest and a utility pocket on sleeve. A RefrigiWear rubber logo patch appears on the chest pocket and is embroidered on the inner back tag alongside Supreme’s logo.

In the wake of the collab, RefrigiWear itself is launching Refrigiwear 1954, a line aimed at younger customers with slightly reworked versions of the brand’s classics at close to double the price. If you miss out on the Supreme collaboration, this collection acts as a sweet consolation prize.


Drop it like it’s hot — The outerwear collab drops December 3 on Supreme’s website, alongside this Supreme cross box logo hoodie, which will complete your look perfectly. Prices haven’t been announced yet, so prepare your bank account for the worst. But don’t sleep on RefrigiWear — considering your safest best for interacting with others is outside, you’ll want this jacket and vest to keep you furnace-level warm. If anything, you’ll look fly asf on your daily quarantine walk.