Supreme reportedly delays lounge chair due to ‘unsafe manufacturing flaw’

Hypebeasts’ relaxation is at stake as the streetwear brand decides whether to remake or cancel the chairs.

Supreme is preparing for summer with hot clothing drops and, apparently, lawn chairs. Per leak page @dropsbyjay, the streetwear brand has a reclinable lounge chair on the way — but the furniture’s release has been delayed due to a “last minute unsafe manufacturing flaw.”

Given Supreme has already launched a number of seating options, including a smaller lawn chair, a director’s chair, and a metal folding chair, it’s no surprise the brand chose to release another. Instead, we’re questioning what was so wrong with the upcoming chair that it had to be delayed — shouldn’t the Supreme manufacturers be experts by now?

Fancy marketing but faulty manufacturing — That said, this furniture does vary from the rest: It’s longer, reclining, and Supreme is supposedly marketing it in French as a “woven chaise lounge” to undoubtedly raise expectations and price. Continuing the classy theme, the deck chair is less flashy than Supreme’s past furniture launches, with its all-over branding blending into its monochrome black or red base.

Thanks to the mysterious manufacturing error, however, the chairs may never see the light of day on a hypebeast’s patio. On Instagram, @dropsbyjay says the reclining furniture will either be remade or canceled by Supreme — meaning if the chairs ever do launch, they’re likely to be limited, and much more coveted.

With the brand’s past lawn chair retailing at the surprisingly cheap price of $78, it’s estimated this extended version should be priced between $98 to $128, should it ever drop. As one of Supreme’s presumably more affordable furniture pieces, plenty of hypebeasts and outdoor enthusiasts will be eyeing the chair, especially as the pandemic and nice weather pushes most activities outside.

Supreme’s last lawn chairSupreme

Functionality reigns Supreme — Supreme always does the most with its drops, matching the energy of consumers who often leave their Supreme goods in their original packaging for protective or reselling purposes. As of late, the brand has dropped a $1,300 ‘50s style fridge, a T-shirt featuring a teddy bear wearing a strap-on dildo, and a questionable fishing collaboration.

The best part of Supreme’s reclining deck chair is that it differs from past drops, offering actual functionality at a reasonable price. Its design is ready for “drinks by the pool,” writes one fan on Instagram. Out of all the options out there, the streetwear brand’s “woven chaise lounge” is a hypebeast’s best bet for outdoor relaxation this summer — that is, if it drops and consumers can make it through the inevitable competition.