Supreme does it for the shoegazers with My Bloody Valentine collab

'Feed Me With Your Kiss,' 'Glider,' and 'Loveless' are all represented.

Supreme has unveiled a collaboration today that may have brand agnostics Googling "How to buy Supreme." The streetwear brand is commemorating My Bloody Valentine with a capsule featuring artwork from the band's albums Feed Me With Your Kiss, Glider, and Loveless.

Shoegazers, welcome to the drop cycle.

The garms — MBV artwork appears across a range of that includes a trucker jacket, Rayon shirts, hoodies, and two T-shirts. That trucker jacket, which features an all-over print of the Feed Me With Your Kiss album cover, is the standout piece — but there's no shortage of good material here. The Rayon shirts also have a blown-up print of the FMWYK album, as well as Loveless.

On the more typically cropped front are hoodies printed with the latter album, and T-shirts bearing the former. Finally, Glider gets its own T-shirt with the artwork on the front and the EP's four tracks printed above the box logo on the rear bottom.


Supreme's musical output — Over the years, Supreme has collaborated with a diverse group of musicians, including The Velvet Underground, N.W.A., and Isaac Hayes. While the brand is famously short on explanations, former Supreme creative director Brendon Babenzien gave an idea of the brand's intentions when he released a collection for The Cure through his brand Noah. "I know that nobody wants to hear from some old man, saying, 'You Call that Music?'" he said. "However, I'm willing to endure the ridicule to pitch you the music of The Cure."

So, if Supreme is exposing hypebeasts to My Bloody Valentine and inspires them to play "Only Shallow" on repeat, chalk that up as a W. And for those already fans of the iconic Irish band, it's a chance to own some killer band merch that just so happens to come from the most hyped brand around.


Dropping Thursday — Like always, the collection will release at 11 a.m. EST through Supreme's website. As part of the new norm, Supreme's physical stores remained closed — making the online scramble the only route to a successful purchase. The brand's musical collaborations can be hit or miss when it comes to selling out — excitement for the Marvin Gaye capsule was relatively tapered — so we'll see how quickly My Bloody Valentine flies. If you're a big fan of the band or just the merch, you're better off logging on right at 11 to be safe.

And if it doesn't work out? Well, cueing up some My Bloody Valentine can be quite comforting in times of emotional distress.