Supreme's lawn chair will breathe new life into the few spaces you can still inhabit

You know, if you can get it.

Speaking personally, this whole COVID-19 thing has become significantly more tolerable now that it's getting nicer out. My balcony is a small but appreciated crumb of joy in this period of isolation that's, for once, not a result of my own depression. Without vitamin D and air as fresh as it can conceivably get in New York City, I would probably be in the throes of another depressive episode. So I hope anyone with a backyard, porch, or roof — any modicum of private, outdoor space — is taking advantage of the small salve.

If you're lucky enough to have such a spot, what it needs is a throne. And for the hypebeast within, what throne could be better than a Supreme lawn chair?

A UV-resistant jawn — One of the highlights of this season's Supreme accessory lineup, the box logo-ribboned lawn chair is set to release as part of this weeks' drop, which also includes a killer Daniel Johnston collab. The pattern is quintessentially outdoors with the added bonus of the most covetable graphic in all of streetwear. Even better, it should prove resistant to sun fading with its UV-resistant woven webbing. Some discoloration is probably inevitable, but consider it character and proof that you actually put your Supreme accessories to use.

There's nothing more obnoxious than treating these totems too preciously — so fold this baby out, take a seat, and bask in the comfort the sun provides during these dire times.


If you can get it, that is — The only barrier between you and your latest homegood is a legion of other hypebeasts, some of whom will come armed with bots. This lawn chair is sure to be a hot item when it drops online only this Thursday, as always at 11 a.m. EST.

While there's nothing you can do but pray and click fast, hopefully the lawn chair will be surprisingly cheap like the woven straw mat, which retailed for just $40. The resale markup has been more than threefold, but $150 still ain't that bad. And if the lawn chair follows suit, it could be yours one way or another without completely decimating your bank account.

Anything to spark joy in these times that have inspired a million cliches of hardship.