Supreme's Lamborghini collab is half bangers, half phoned in

The good stuff comes from the automotive world.

Supreme has added to its bountiful and venerated list of collaborators by announcing a capsule with Lamborghini dropping this week. The seven-piece collection is mostly what you'd expect — Lambo logo, Supreme logo, repeat — but there are gems to be found in the automotive-inspired pieces.

The goods — The quilted work jacket is a banger, coming in Lambo orange and green (plus black) with a small Lamborghini badge on the breast and a much larger one on the back. The bull gets all the glory, with Supreme branding limited to script on the hood on a tiny box logo tag on the side. Lamborghini's iconic imagery stands on its own, which, along with the practicality of the piece, makes it the most wearable of the collection.

Also dope, but requiring a nontrivial degree of confidence to wear, is the coverall. Sadly, it only comes in black or green, although a bright orange onesie would be even more difficult to pull off. Once again, it's the Lamborghini logo that gets the most shine. It appears similarly large on the rear, while the name tag on the front reads "Supreme." Cinch this baby around your waist or wear it full-on and cosplay as your best Italian-tuned car mechanic.

Finally, in pieces I could condone wearing, there's short sleeve shirt with an oversized Lambo logo on the front and back and bulls on both arms for good measure. It's as loud as the car itself, but who's wearing Lamborghini-branded clothing for subtlety?


The bad — Perhaps bad is harsh, but the rest of the gear is significantly less stimulating. The T-shirts (coming in white, black, and orange) are plain obvious: Supreme block letters up front and big Lambo logo out back. Ditto for the beanies, which swap block letters for the script. Reverse the logo placement, Supreme in front and Lambo in back, and you've got the hockey jerseys. The skateboards, once again, keep the same black, orange, and green color offerings with a big Lambo logo atop a tiny box logo.

What separates these pieces from the ones worth praise is that they don't take the second step in establishing the narrative. Coveralls and work coats bring much more to the table, and the short sleeve shirt is the closest thing to real design.

Supreme drop, amended — For the time being, Supreme drops are still online only. Fire up the keyboard fingers for 11 a.m. EST on Thursday. There will be no "thugging it out" in lines while the 'rona is out there.