Supreme gave the Chucky doll a hypebeast makeover

If looks could kill…


Supreme is known for its sometimes unconventional collaborations, though the brand’s newest drop could be its scariest. This season, alongside a glass fishbowl, a portable jump starter, and a tube of Colgate toothpaste, Supreme is releasing a box-logo branded Chucky doll, who you might recognize from the recently rebooted horror movie Child’s Play. And for added nightmare fuel, he talks too.

Child’s Play is set to release as a highly anticipated television series in 2021, so this Supreme drop lands at the perfect time. Of course, in the year 2020, could something as small as a doll mess with us? We’ve been through hell and back, so honestly, Chucky might be more of a relatable companion than ever. Plus, rumor has it he’s immune to the coronavirus.

Drop-dead drip — With looks only an owner could love, the Chucky doll is dressed in jacquard logo overalls, layered over a rainbow-striped Supreme top. He’s still got his classic red sneakers and sinister smile to complete the look. Brandishing what Supreme claims is a plastic knife, the doll stands at 15 inches, preferably not over your bed while you sleep. Chucky’s box, however, does declare he “wants YOU as a best friend,” so don’t let him down (or else).


Although it’s not clear what the red-headed doll says when activated, we imagine it’s something murderous. Chucky’s eyes might glow as he tells you he’s your “friend 'til the end” or he “wants to play.” Maybe he is better as a collector’s item, kept in the box. On the other hand, Supreme fans on Instagram have better ideas for the doll, with one saying he’d take the clothes off of Chucky and dress his baby in them. Another said he thought the doll’s overalls would fit his dog. Chucky’s fit would still look scary cold either way, I suppose.

Cop your childhood nightmare — The doll will be released as part of Supreme’s Week 17 drop on December 17. No prices have been announced, though Supreme fan pages are speculating Chucky could cost as much as $200. Seeing as the doll is definitely a collector’s item, resale prices will be even higher. So if you’ve got the means, and the guts, to buy this talking Chucky doll, go for it. It’ll be available in-store and on the Supreme website for fans ready to murder this release. Just make sure you sleep with one eye open.