Yes, Supreme really made a bobsled. Watch it in action right here.

Coming to a mountain near you.


With temperatures still dropping, jackets and warm layers are to be expected from brands. But Supreme — doing the most again — has dropped a different kind of winter accessory. The streetwear label announced a Supreme-branded bobsled would grace consumers in 2021, raising a lot of questions. Is this a one-of-a-kind piece? How are buyers supposed to use it? And how much will it cost?

Supreme is known best for its ability to take virtually anything and make it a street style must-have. In the past, the label has dropped a Mortal Kombat arcade machine, box-logo branded Oreos, and a serape. Last December, Supreme dropped a talking Chucky doll, after giving him a hypebeast makeover first, of course. Clearly, the brand knows it can drop whatever it wants, so long as it comes with a high price tag and Supreme branding — the epitome of exclusivity.

Supreme’s iciest release — The new announcement came via a post on Supreme’s Instagram, which depicted two people getting into the branded bobsled and taking it for a spin. An obscure caption just reads, “Bob Sled, 2021.” No drop date or further details have been released.

While hypebeasts usually strategize Supreme drops weeks in advance, this release might put them off. Most of the comments on the announcement video are consumers asking how they might use the bobsled. The brand, however, has plans to make the bobsled more exclusive than it seems.

Given most modern bobsleds are made of fiberglass and steel, only a few Supreme versions are bound to be made — if more than one. And as time has proven over and over, fans will line up for a one-of-a-kind Supreme piece, no matter what it is. All the factors meant to dissuade them — high prices, long waiting periods, and limited availability — only add to the item’s desirability.

As useful as a Supreme bobsled — We doubt whoever purchases a Supreme bobsled would actually put it to use, considering the sport is extremely dangerous and one must be licensed and certified to bobsled. Plus, reckoning Supreme’s version will cost thousands of dollars, any damage to the sled would be unaffordable.

Instead, people are already trying to figure out what alternate uses the sled has. One Instagram commenter suggested hanging it, while another said they would put wheels on it and ride it around their city. Surprisingly, no one has offered the more reasonable route — copping one of Supreme’s earlier bobsled tops, which boast the sled as a design.


The long sleeve shirts were released during the brand’s Week 9 drop last October, but are available on resale sites like StockX and eBay. Even at the marked-up price of $100, they’re a lot cheaper than an actual bobsled. You’re bound to get more use out of a shirt, too.