Stüssy and Our Legacy Work Shop created the perfect summer clothes

Beachwear for day and night.

Stüssy and Our Legacy Work Shop, the experimental side of the Swedish, are continuing to crank out the hits after beginning a regular partnership last year.

Once again, the collaborators have incorporated deadstock fabrics from their respective archives in order to create new staple wardrobe pieces. Their latest collection hones in on everything you’d need at the beach, from when the sun’s at its highest point to when it’s gone down and brought the temperature with it.

A nylon canvas jacket with Our Legacy Work Shop’s yin-yang logo printed on it is an ideal layer piece for the beach after dark, while co-branded and intentionally wrinkled swim shorts will hold up well away from water similar to Patagonia’s iconic Baggies. Faded colors appear throughout all the apparel, with delightful names including “osage orange,” “quebracho rojo,” and “chestnut bark.”


Don’t forget the bucket! — Graphic T-shirts will also be included in the capsule, although neither party has given a glimpse of what they’ll look like before they release. What we do know, however, is that Stüssy and Our Legacy’s beach day will be capped off with a cant-miss bucket hat that comes with an appearance of already being bleached by the sun.

Our Legacy and Stüssy have both mastered the realm of staple pieces in their respective fields of fashion, and each time they’ve linked it’s been one of the best collaborations of the year. The nature of the pieces would normally signify under-the-radar hits, but each drop has seen its stock sell out much quicker than you might expect.

The new beach-ready goods will drop Friday, July 16, through both Stüssy and Our Legacy’s website and physical stores. Select Dover Street Market locations will also receive stock — and you should absolutely try every avenue to make the attire yours.