So Fly

How Steve Harvey became the unlikely god of dad fashion

Flaunting YSL loafers and Bottega Veneta trench coats, the Family Feud host is changing what menswear means for guys over 50.

Steve Harvey

Name something men over 50 can — and can’t — wear.

Once men hit a certain age, the only style they seem to be celebrated for is studly suiting. Clean tuxes and dress shoes have led George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Tom Cruise to be praised in the pages of GQ; skinny khakis and wool topcoats define handsome dressing. Where’s the flavor? Where’s the individuality?

You ask, Steve Harvey answers.


Steve Harvey
Steve Harvey

The Family Feud host has entered a stylish new era starring the likes of Bottega Veneta, Fendi, Saint Laurent, Tom Ford, Dior, and more. While in Paris earlier this month, he shared a number of Instagram posts featuring popped collars and monogrammed accessories — ”My motto is to be fly ‘till I die,” Harvey told GQ.

Certainly, the talk show personality’s new look could be described as fly; it could also be described as refreshing. His new looks include graphic yellow turtlenecks and blue moto jackets paired with sunglasses and Harvey’s signature smile, which here only adds to the charm of his outfits. And sure, Harvey hasn’t escaped suiting — but he’s traded in his neutral Family Feud uniform for neon pink Berluti suits and a green Bottega Veneta trench with heeled boots. Could this be the influence of Michael B. Jordan, who’s currently dating Harvey’s daughter?

If you’re looking to locate the source of Harvey’s glow-up, look no further than stylist Elly Karamoh, who seems to have taken the Family Feud host as a client in 2019. Karamoh, who also works with Tyler Perry and Harvey’s wife, focused on exchanging Harvey’s aged pocket squares and ill-fitting blazers with colorful, textured pieces. And thanks to the new look, people online are begging for more Harvey: “Wonder what Steve Harvey’s wearing tomorrow,” one Twitter user wrote. Another awed at his transformation, writing, “Steve Harvey woke up one day and decided he was gonna be on our necks.”

Steve Harvey

An influx of memes have also surrounded Harvey’s glow-up, especially regarding his green Bottega Veneta fit. Going off of likes, the majority of people thought his look was reminiscent of The Riddler, while others suggested he was a Loki variant, the Lucky Charms leprechaun, or even the Once-ler from The Lorax.

The popped collars, smug smile, and confident posing? That’s all him.

Similar acclaim (and ridicule) has followed celebrities like Harry Styles and Bad Bunny, both of whom push the boundaries of fashion. Harvey, however, is one of the few faces over 60 to get such attention — and it’s simply because no one is doing it like him. The talk show personality might be getting his style advice from Karamoh, but the popped collars, smug smile, and confident posing? That’s all him.


Harvey, in his YSL boots, is paving the style path for older men. Aging shouldn’t mean reverting to neutral colors and suits; if anything, the Family Feud host proves it's a time for self-expression. “Just do you baby,” he captioned one of his (many) fit pics.

Fellow senior men are following in Harvey’s footsteps. Bill Clinton, 75, recently stepped out in a sweater from Aimé Leon Dore, the streetwear label often repped by “retired hypebeasts.” His outfit choice left many to speculate whether the former president, who identifies more as retired and less hypebeast, would be entering a similar style era as Harvey.

Clinton wears ALD’s $395 Molina Breakfast Sweater.Bill Clinton
Aimé Leon Dore

More questions — like whether Clinton browsed ALD’s website or was gifted the sweater by founder Teddy Santis — were raised by the politician’s hype-friendly fashion. It’s also worth asking, however, if Clinton’s age may have an impact on the brand. Will Aimé Leon Dore’s young demographic be turned off by an older man wearing the label, past political agendas aside?


In short, probably not. Clinton isn’t as loved by the American people as Harvey, but the latter’s newfound popularity shows that people are rallying behind his fresh fits — and willing to replicate them. You could even go as far as to call Harvey an influencer; as for Clinton, his fits will likely make headlines but not as many sales.

Icon status


Harvey has embraced his new life, and attitude, as a fit god. He regularly keeps his growing fanbase fed with fit pics and clips from Family Feud, where he’s also debuted his sharp style. Colorful suiting and tailored jackets will soon be associated with Harvey as much as his signature mustache and smile.

Even without the designer labels — of which there are too many to count — the talk show personality embodies a new type of older man, one that’s not afraid to reinvent himself 64 years into life. A highlight reel posted by Harvey commemorates his elevated status with a caption that says it all: “THEY CALL ME BLUE CHEESE, CAUSE I BE DRESSING!”