Ssense wants your dog to dress just as well as you do

The retailer's dogwear range expands with collaborations with Alyx, Martine Ali, and more.

Dressing yourself in top-notch apparel while your children wear nonsense is the sartorial equivalent of a party foul. Why should your dog be any different? Ssense is encouraging you to hold your dog to a higher standard by expanding its dogwear collection with new collaborations.

Alyx, Martine Ali, Marine Serre, are among the collaborators for Ssense's second drop of exclusive dogwear. Previous partner brands include Versace, Thom Browne, and Heron Preston — proving there's no brand too cool for your pup.

The most delightful part of all are the product shots, with credits for all the good boys and girls. You better bet I'm about to tell you these dogs' names as we proceed.


Putting the "goods" in good boys and girls — Among the new offerings are a few collar and leash sets from Alyx ($785) featuring the brand's signature roller coaster buckle. It's among the most covetable motifs in fashion right now, and I can't imagine a flex greater than a dog rocking it. Tomo, a regal Shiba Inu, is seen wearing it directly above.

If that's too expensive, jewelry designer Martine Ali has a leash made from a trio of different chains for a much more palatable $195. At first sight, it may not appear much different than your standard leash. But anyone reaching down for a pet will soon notice that it's no ordinary dog accessory. Modeling it directly below is the Boston Terrier Lollipop, whose perky ears are just begging for a scratch.


On the clothing front, Marine Serre has a graphic T-shirt ($160) with its highly lauded crescent moons. The graphic also appears on a harness and studded leash. You can see the whippet Tilda — the doggo equivalent of the teary eye emoji — rocking the tee up top.

Fashion at its most fun — Is all of this ridiculous? Of fucking course. But fashion is supposed to spark joy, and how can you not smile while starring at these stylish dogs? If I had the money to blow on this gear — as well as, you know, a dog — I absolutely would.

Check out the full collection of dogwear here.