A safe, women-only sneaker community? SoleSavy is building it.

The new space will give female sneakerheads access to exclusive drops, giveaways, and other weekly perks.

Anna Bediones, director of women’s strategy at SoleSavy

Sneaker startup SoleSavy has announced it will expand its membership with a women’s-only sneaker community, providing women with a safe and inclusive space to connect with each other. Building on SoleSavy’s community-first approach, the startup hopes to break down barriers that make it difficult for women to participate and join in on sneaker culture. Despite women’s exclusives and brands like Nike collaborating with women more frequently, the sneaker world is still very much a boy’s club, and SoleSavy is looking to change that.

“Having a safe space, for women, encourages them to learn more about what they're getting into, and feel comfortable,” Anna Bediones, director of women’s strategy at SoleSavy, told Input in a recent interview. “That feeling is the entire essence of community — you don't feel like a part of the community unless you feel welcome in it.”

The ultimate women’s exclusive — To ensure its new platform is a safe space, those interested in signing up will be vetted by SoleSavy before being granted access to the platform’s unique content and experiences. Specialized tools and resources will also be offered up to help members obtain products that are difficult to acquire, along with exclusive giveaways and other weekly perks.

Per our interview, the startup is first giving its women members access to a private Slack channel, where they can ask questions about the industry, swap drop calendars, and connect on a more personal level.

“Somewhere along the line we lost our way in sneakers, and women have been left to figure it out for themselves,” said Bendiones in a press release. “We have the resources to create the community we’ve been dreaming of — a place that is safe, supportive, and inclusive for women specifically — so we’re going to build it. It will take time but with our growing team and the community behind us, I’m confident that we can create a more equitable future for women who love sneakers.”

A community within another — The new women’s-only space adds to SoleSavy’s current dual-gender membership offering, while labeling the startup as a leader in the sneaker industry. Those interested in joining the space can visit SoleSavy’s website for more information.

SoleSavy is doing what we wish bigger names like Nike and Adidas would catch on to, making the community more inclusive and equitable. The industry has to catch up — but we’re glad to find a space for women at SoleSavy.