Change your dog’s life with this adorable Japanese rain jacket

Share the drip with your best friend — care of none other than Snow Peak.

We’re big fans of doggies with style here at Input, to the point of routinely recommending luxury pet gear no one in good sense would ever buy. But for once, we’ve found a rain jacket for dogs that’s actually a quite sensible purchase.

Snow Peak has launched a rain jacket that allows you to deck out your pooch in that ever-covetable Japanese drip. It has little frills but is highly functional, using water-resistant nylon with a zip-in opening and a two-snap collar for an adjustable fit. An attachable hood provides additional protection, while your dog’s leash can slide through an opening with a mini hood to prevent any water from slipping in.

And best of all, the whole thing stuffs into a provided pouch — so you’ve got an additional barrier when storing what will inevitably smell like wet dog.

Snow Peak

Not just for designer dogs — One of the most frustrating things about luxury dog gear is that it tends to come in sizes fit only for tiny dogs, but Snow Peak shows no preference for pups that can fit into a bag. The SP Dog Rain Jacket is available in six different sizes — all for the same price of $150.

You can’t exactly call $150 cheap for dog attire, but it is significantly less expensive than, say, the $500 Prada raincoat for dogs released earlier this month. Snow Peak makes some of the best outdoor gear you can find, and all the features integrated so seamlessly do put a lot of value in that $150 price tag.

Snow Peak

Get your dog shrouded — Snow Peak’s doggy rain jacket is available now through its website with two color options. For the dog that likes to show off, there’s a tonal tan version with red stripes that has already sold out in a few sizes. And if your dog is more of the all-black-everything type, the other version will help cement the uniform.

Both come with reflective Snow Peak logos for high visibility, serving double duty as a protective measure and to ensure onlookers see how fitted out your pup is.