Snapchat is letting your Bitmoji have a Levi’s Canadian tuxedo

Recreate the Justin and Britney moment.

Levi's x Bitmoji

Thanks to the pandemic, people are connecting over the internet more than ever. And with social-distancing orders still in place, brands are getting creative in how their products are marketed to consumers. Together, Snapchat and Levi’s crafted an idea — why not have a digital avatar, like Bitmoji, wear Levi’s?

Starting December 3, Snapchatters and Bitmoji users everywhere will be able to take their personal styles a step further with the Levi’s and Bitmoji collection. You’ll be able to choose from an assortment of styles and show them off in texts, in Chat and games, on the Snap Map, in Lenses, and in personalized content like Bitmoji Stories. But the question here is less where you’ll wear your new fit, and more which pieces you’ll decide to flex.

Digital denim — The collection features classic Levi’s staples like the 501 original fit jeans, trucker jackets, and western shirts, all available in multiple washes. Newer designs, like a branded graphic tee, are also included. All together, Snapchatters and Bitmoji users can choose between 12 curated Levi’s outfits, or they can customize their look by mixing up the denim pieces. Might I suggest a Canadian tuxedo for holiday glam?

Levi's x Bitmoji

Though the real-life Levi’s models aren’t very diverse in terms of race or body types, trying the collection on your Bitmoji gives you an idea of what the pieces will look like on you. "Now more than ever, brands are looking for new ways to connect with consumers online. Bitmoji is helping fashion partners diversify their marketing efforts and engage with consumers in a deeply personalized way through our unique digital channel,” said Ba Blackstock, CEO and creative director of Bitmoji.

John Imah, head of games and entertainment partnership at Snapchat, agrees that fashion is an important aspect of expressing oneself. “Bitmoji is your visual identity in the digital world,” he told us in a phone interview. “Seeing an outfit on your Bitmoji inspires your outfits in real life.”

This Levi’s collaboration is exactly what Bitmoji users wanted to see. Through customer service messages, trend-evaluating data, and user feedback, Snapchat can determine which brands the Bitmoji community wants to partner with. And with the pandemic only getting worse, Imah thinks brands will consider Bitmoji more as a new way to reach consumers. Alongside Levi’s, Ralph Lauren and Jordan Brand have both tapped into Bitmoji’s fashionable audience.

Levi's x Bitmoji

It’s well documented that the fashion industry has a big diversity problem. But with Bitmoji, Imah says, users can see a representation of themselves down to their skin color, hair type, and body shape. “As a Black man, I get to see a rare representation of myself,” he said. Users get to see what the collection looks like on them rather than a model that might look nothing like them. Right now, Imah’s favorite Bitmoji outfit is the Levi’s collection. “I just love how denim has its moment in every generation,” he said. “Currently, my Bitmoji is in denim from head to toe.”

Go from 2D to 3D — To dress your Bitmoji in the new Levi’s styles, just open Snapchat, tap on your profile in the top-left corner, and click “change outfit” under the Bitmoji icon. If you’re using the Bitmoji app, tap on the fashion icon to open your wardrobe and try on the branded Levi’s styles. In the bottom navigation bar, you’ll also see icons for additional pieces that you can separately select and customize the branded looks with, like tops, bottoms, outerwear, and footwear. For your convenience, you can also scan this tag using your Snapchat camera to access the collection.

After you’ve narrowed down what pieces you want via a Bitmoji fashion show, you can shop all the styles at Levi’s website. Then hope the fit comes fast so you can twin with your digital avatar.