Skechers fully embraces the ugly wave with big and sparkly holiday shoes

Finally, the brand takes advantage of its reputation.


Ugly shoes reign in 2020. It all started with those huge Fila Disruptors — since then, shoes seem to be getting chunkier. This holiday season, Skechers is putting its ugliest, sparkliest foot forward with its new Premium Heritage collection, featuring four new designs.

If I had to choose a celebrity face to go with these shoes, it would 100 percent be Madonna. Skechers skips the '70s slim hi-top sneaker trend and goes straight for the '80s with glitter, prints, and platforms. All these outrageous features accessorize well with hair tinsel and play right into their holiday theme.

Made of holiday cheer — While I don’t think I’ve seen someone wear Skechers since elementary school, the brand seems to be keeping up with the latest trends. That is, when the company isn’t ripping off other styles, like these faux Air Max sneakers or off-brand Crocs. Taking inspiration from the glitz and glamour of the holiday season, the latest collection includes reimagined Skechers D’Lites “Perfect Chic” and the Skechers Energy “Eclectic Times” in a floral jacquard print, complete with metallic and pearl accents. Oddly, the sneakers would go well with this similarly-printed Louis Vuitton mask. The black platform shoes are covered in sparkly gold and bouclé detailing, while a plush velour lining provides an extra layer of warmth and comfort.


Looking for a chunky shoe but don’t want all the crazy details? The silhouettes of the Skechers Stamina “Gold Chic” or the Skechers Energy “Perfect Feel” are more casual. The cream-colored shoes feature sparkly gold jeweled laces and opalescent snakeskin details while still keeping the sneaker minimal. The outsoles look like they’ve been spray-painted with gold glitter paint, bringing a more street-style feel to these kicks. Tying together the holiday feel, the sneakers are completed with a white furry lining.

Unlike other platform shoes, you don’t have to worry about blisters or foot cramping with the Premium Heritage collection. Each pair comes with an air-cooled memory foam sole, making whichever style you choose super comfy. You also get a limited edition Premium Heritage tote bag to complete your glittery outfit — y’know, if the shoes weren’t enough for you.


Spend the holidays in style — Maybe I’ve been brainwashed by platforms and their surge in popularity, but these Skechers sneakers aren’t the worst. Sure, they might look like a 5th-grade arts-n-crafts project, but I can totally see IG influencers wearing these. If these chunky shoes are of interest to you, the two low-top styles retail at $130, while the hi-top sneakers go for $145. Consider the slimming effects of these bigass shoes!

Although the holidays might look a little different in 2020, you can still celebrate the season with these sparkly, out-of-control designs. After all, if you're going to have to stay home, best to go big all the way — flex your fit on the 'gram (even if it’s with Skechers).