'The Sims 4’ adds virtual thrifting with an assist from Depop

Sellers from the reselling platform designed digital clothing up for sale within the game’s local thrift store boba hangout, ThrifTea.

Depop has already changed the way people shop in real life, but now the company is seeking to expand its influence virtually through a collaboration with The Sims 4. Digital clothing, designed by real-world Depop sellers, will be available to players within the game’s local thrift store and boba hangout, aptly named ThrifTea. Like a real thrift store, a limited number of pieces will be available, meaning players should grab the items they want before they disappear.

After purchasing their desired looks, players are encouraged to become “Simfluencers” by showing off their outfits to increase their value. Simoleons, the currency used within The Sims, can also be earned by reselling the clothing within a new in-game Trendi app inspired by Depop’s own platform. The features are supposed to reflect how young people are sharing and consuming fashion today, a press release said.

What’s in stock —The Sims is a cultural institution that remains relevant with young people around the world and holds nostalgic cultural cachet for many more, making it a perfect collaboration for Depop and our community,” Steve Dool, brand director at Depop, said in a statement. “Our sellers are at the heart of everything we do at Depop, so putting their creative vision front and center in this collaboration was an opportunity to showcase their talent and show how intrinsic they are to us as a brand.”

Bella’s striped capris.Depop
Bella’s garter skirt.Depop
Jeremy’s graffiti jacket.Depop
Jeremy’s graphic polo.Depop

Five of Depop’s most popular sellers worked with The Sims development team, each creating three custom pieces for players to discover at ThrifTea. U.S.-based seller Bella (@internetgirl), designed pinstripe capri pants and a custom beaded necklace, while fellow seller Jeremy (@happyxloco) crafted a collection of graffiti-inspired jackets and sweatshirts in his signature style.

Selena’s polka-dot dress.Depop
Lapoze’s halter top.Depop
Sha’an’s graphic sweater.Depop
Sha’an’s frog sweater.Depop

With an audience worldwide, Depop also included British sellers Selena Williams (@Selenasshop) and Lapoze McTribouy of Sooki Sooki Vintage (@judaku), who added Y2K-inspired flared jeans and a red cropped corset to ThrifTea’s offerings. Australian seller Sha’an d’Anthes (@furrylittlepeach) took inspiration from her real-life collection to create her in-game one. Jeremy, McTribouy, and d’Anthes also created pre-styled looks for the game’s “Create a Sim” feature.

Get your digital digs — To complete the collaboration, Depop and The Sims tapped artist Monica Ahanonu to create an original artwork for display on the side of ThrifTea. The mural, influenced by the partnership itself, blurs the lines between real-life upcycling and what it means to digitally upcycle.

Only players with The Sims 4 “High School Years” expansion pack can access the Depop collaboration and thrift within the game. Aspiring “Simfluencers” can purchase the expansion on July 28 through The Sims website, where the latest feature can also be pre-ordered.