This sustainable sneaker will help you achieve the best (runner’s) high

Tackle the trails with Norda and Satisfy’s collaborative Peace 001.

Satisfy and Norda's Peace 001 sustainable running sneaker in a light teal "Jadeite"

If you want to do some grounding work, you should look toward the sole. Bonded by a love of running, footwear brands Norda and Satisfy are combining what they know best — trail and lifestyle running shoes, respectively — into a chill and sustainable addition to outdoor performance footwear.

Run in peace — Aptly named the Peace 001, the sneaker uses Norda’s signature 001 silhouette as its canvas. A wide outsole gives the wearer more grip on a bigger surface area, a perk if you’re making contact on uneven terrain.

The Peace 001 is built with a Vibram SLE midsole and a custom lug outsole pattern. Vibram blends foam and rubber to provide just the right amount of comfort and softness but still deliver a firm foundation for rocky trails. The upper is also constructed using Dyneema, one of the strongest materials with the lowest carbon footprint. Dyneema is a super light synthetic fiber known to be stronger than steel at the molecular level and replaces the need for overlays in the upper.


Simple is key — As a way to prevent physical distractions, there’s no fancy design or oversized elements to the sneaker. It appears in a “Jadeite” color scheme, nodding to its namesake’s gem-like mineral. The shade dressed the upper and sole almost in their entirety, save for a slab of brown on the toe and heel. Norda and Satisfy provide hits of branding on the midfoot and laces, and a peace sign heel tag rounds out the design.

The partnership came about organically, says Satisfy’s founder Brice Partouche. Both brands recognize the importance of details in the design process, such as unique fabrics, technology, and sustainability, but prioritize experience potential over materials. Satisfy may be a running shoe brand first, but the label has always put tasteful minimalism at the forefront of its sneaker design philosophies, making the Peace 001 a sneaker that stands on its own.

Satisfy and Norda’s Peace 001 running sneaker will see a global release at 6 p.m. ET on July 21. Your next runner’s high has never been closer.