Salehe Bembury’s wildly popular Crocs are rereleasing soon

The Pollex clog has seen insatiable demand since they first released late last year.

Salehe Bembury

Crocs have saturated every market from decor to high fashion, and streetwear is no exception. Thanks to frequent collaborator Salehe Bembury, the rubber slippers have been elevated with a fingerprint-inspired pattern — a signature for the designer and a must-have for seemingly everyone. Since their release late last year, pairs of his Crocs Pollex are reselling for up to ten times their $85 retail price.

As Bembury revealed on Instagram, however, the Pollex will return soon in three color schemes. The first, a “Crocodile” lime green shade, was previously released (and promptly depleted) in January. The others, called “Stratus” and “Urchin,” take on a more subtle look with tonal lavender and white makeups. While the two shoes have been seen before — modeled by Cynthia Erivo and Jess Hu in a Crocs Pollex Clog campaign last November — they haven’t launched just yet. It’s likely the upcoming pairs will come with interchangeable straps, as they have in the past.

Coming soon — Bembury shared brief campaign videos of his Crocs, captioning the post with a crocodile emoji and “May,” teasing the release of the slip-on shoes. An exact date has yet to be revealed by the designer and Crocs, although just the mention of another release was enough to rile up consumers and resellers alike. With how much hype has surrounded the Crocs Pollex, the upcoming pairs will be hard to secure — a bit ironic considering their attainable $85 retail price.

Salehe Bembury

Each Pollex features a swirl pattern made from three fingerprints merged together, giving it a more elegant look than your typical Croc. No matter how fashionable, however, the Pollex is meant for the outdoors. This idea is reinforced by adjustable nylon straps, which keep the shoe secure during more active experiences, as well as by asymmetrical holes that have been spaced out throughout the shoe for a more breathable fit. The swirl pattern also adds more traction to the Pollex, continuing throughout the upper and outsole. Both Crocs and Salehe Bembury branding appear at the back of the clog, rounding out its design.

If you’re hoping to snag a pair of the Pollex, you’ll want to follow Bembury on social media for updates. You won’t want to miss out on the drop, especially if you’re hoping to avoid rising resale prices. This restock is guaranteed to be hectic.