Salehe Bembury's awesome Crocs Pollex look even better in ‘Crocodile’ green

A shoe we won't be able to get enough of in 2022.

Salehe Bembury’s highly anticipated Crocs Pollex released in two different colors just a few weeks ago, and resale prices confirm just how rampant demand is for the first completely original silhouette made by a collaborator. Pairs of the foam clog are going for more than four times its retail price of $85 on platforms such as StockX, setting the stage for what could very well be the hottest shoe of 2022.

As revealed by Bembury on Instagram, the Pollex will soon return in a lime green shade known as “Crocodile.” The red-hot sneaker designer was careful to note in his stories that this variant is different than the one-of-one “Slime” version he gave to Amine, but any color Crocs releases the shoe in should absolutely fly.

When the “Crocodile” Pollex will arrive remains to be announced, but it can’t come soon enough. For as much as Crocs have enjoyed a massive surge in popularity driven by irony and comfort, many hold outs wanted to see a foam clog that’s outright dazzling instead of a fugly capable of being embraced nonetheless. Other brands such as Yeezy, Alyx, and Fear of God had already delivered through their own imitations, but Bembury has come through for the brand that started it all.

That’s just the wave — The prominent swirling shape of the Pollex comes from a fingerprint motif that’s quickly becoming a design signature of Bembury’s. A similar pattern is used for his yet-to-be-released Vans collaboration, but it truly comes to life on a molded piece of foam that blends together seamlessly from upper to outsole.

“The fingerprint is my brand identity,” Bembury told the New York Times ahead of the Pollex’s release. “It relates very closely with wood grain, which I love, and it speaks to the organic lines of a fingerprint.”

Whereas previous collaborators gave Crocs’ Classic Clog new colors and personalized add-ons such as Jibbitz, Bembury was the first outside designer to be given the opportunity to design a brand-new shape for the brand. An adjustable nylon strap gives the Pollex an outdoor bent, the cap on a pair of Crocs that’s more cool than camp. Hopefully, “Crocodile” green is just the first of many variants for the Pollex to come this year because never have Crocs ever looked so good.