Salehe Bembury’s Crocs will make you forget Kanye’s Yeezy Foam Runners

Someone finally plays with the clog’s shape.

Crocs collaborations, though integral to the brand’s sudden popularity, haven’t been the most inventive. With the exception of Nicole McLaughlin’s transformation into a Swiss army knife of outdoor gear, the bulk of the outside influence on the foam clogs has merely involved changes of color, some relevant Jibbitz, and perhaps graphics or text printed on. No one has really messed with Crocs’ signature shape... until now.

Sneaker designer Salehe Bembury has unveiled his upcoming Crocs collab that sees the foam clogs take on a whole new shape. Under his stead, the shoes now have a wavy, topographical texture with a smoky, semi-translucent panel marking the tongue. If you didn’t know Crocs were involved, you’d think you’re seeing one of the many more fashionable lookalikes that other brands have come out with over the last year. And having only seen one clear photo of the shoe, as well as a teaser of its heel, we’re ready to declare it the best Crocs collab yet.

Salehe is on fire — Bembury, who left his post at Versace at the beginning of the year, may just be the most exciting footwear designer around right now. His New Balance collaborations have been routine hits, while he brought newfound attention to Versace sneakers with his bottom-heavy Chain Reaction. With somewhat less fanfare, Bembury has also given Anta its hottest sneaker yet via offbeat pairs inspired by hiking.

For anyone who’s resisted the Crocs trend, Bembury’s pending collaboration is a no-brainer. The supreme comfort of Crocs should be maintained without having to adopt the fugly, with or without irony. Bembury’s pair is a slapper without any qualifications, and we’re eagerly anticipating more information surrounding the release.

Crocs is also smart to let someone, let alone a designer as talented as Bembury, get more ambitious in collaboration with the brand. While operating at a different price point, Fear of God and Alyx have both recently emerged with more stylish alternatives to the Classic Clog — not to mention the consistently sold-out Yeezy Foam Runner. Assuming Bembury’s pair retains Crocs’ more accessible price point, why go anywhere else if you can land a pair?