Rokit's tie-dye hoodies, sweatpants, and tees are a must-have for spring

Featuring graphics of Earth, Yin and Yang, and… feet?

Rokit House of Tomorrow collection

Despite partnering with big names like Nike and Kyrie Irving, Rokit is getting down-to-Earth with its newest collection. Taking its namesake from the 2017 film The House of Tomorrow, which is about a search for oneself, the collection presents an idea of wonder, mystery, and “an awe for the unexplained and the unexplored,” as the brand puts it. These intangible messages take shape in vibrant tie-dye sweats, bold graphic tees, and colorful accessories.

With many people losing faith amid the pandemic, spiritual items have been trending in hopes to restore consumers' state-of-mind. The “House of Tomorrow” collection aims to explore the unexplored through designs inspired by sports, the future, and cultural phenomena — though it should tread lightly on the latter. Spirituality is deep-rooted in many cultures, and it can be all too easy to slip from appreciation to appropriation. Supreme’s recent use of yant script, a sacred form of tattoos reserved for Buddhist monks and Brahmin holy men, landed the brand in hot water with Thailand’s National Office of Buddhism, which said it’s prepared to take legal action.


By the looks of the collection, however, Rokit seems more focused on spirituality within oneself — that is, if you can find it in the brand’s tie-dye apparel. Of course, those indulging in retail therapy during the pandemic are no stranger to the uplifting effects new clothes can have, and Rokit’s bright hues are sure to bring good vibes your way. We bet Joe Biden wishes his tie-dye collection could depict “unity” as well as the House of Tomorrow capsule.

Live, laugh, Rokit — Through ancient art motifs, Rokit explores the world of sports as a means to reach new possibilities. A tie-dye sweater with a “Rokit Tour 2021” graphic makes this message tangible, while also boasting an image that seemingly represents Earth, Yin and yang, and the soles of a pair of feet. Similar imagery can be found throughout the collection’s range of sweaters, joggers, and sportswear essentials.


Standout pieces also switch up the pace of the collection, making us reflect on the world around us. A T-shirt with an image of Earth on it alongside the face of a clock and the words “Slow Down” highlights the effects of climate change, and the ticking clock we’re racing to find a solution. Meanwhile, a basketball imitating Earth seems to imply that the world is in our hands.

House of Tomorrow wraps up with some indie imagery, including a pair of jeans with a bull on them, Stonehenge T-shirts, and a basketball-meets-peace sign tee. The pieces are rounded out by culturally-influential styling, finishing off looks with MF Doom’s Nike Dunk SB High from 2007, as well as other trending Dunks and the 1988 Nike Air Assaults.



Peace out — Rokit’s expansive collection presents a unique realm of possibilities and ideas, but it’s up to the consumer whether they want to indulge or not. With prices starting at $12 for a colorful lanyard, all the way up to $160 for a tie-dyed hoodie, this collection is decently affordable, meaning most can tap into the brand’s sense of wonder. Available now on Rokit’s website, the House of Tomorrow capsule actually has us looking forward to wearing more sweats — given they’re as colorful and thought-provoking as these.

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