The Fenty Beauty x MSCHF lip gloss kits contain surprise ketchup

The Brooklyn-based art collective tapped Rihanna's brand for a set containing six identical packets, filled with either Fenty Gloss Bomb or ketchup.

MSCHF x Fenty Beauty Ketchup or Makeup lip gloss set

Finally, someone is asking the age-old question: Ketchup or makeup?

At least, that’s what MSCHF is asking. The Brooklyn-based art collective partnered with Fenty Beauty on its latest drop, introducing a lip gloss set that contains both makeup and actual ketchup. The package features six individual ketchup packets, each identical in style, filled with either Fenty Gloss Bomb or the condiment.

Have a taste — Buyers won’t know which is which until they open each packet and give it a taste (or smell, unless the lip gloss is ketchup-scented). It's unclear whether the boxes are guaranteed to contain at least one lip gloss, or whether their contents are totally random — but knowing MSCHF, the label behind billionaire face popsicles and Satan shoes, the contents probably skew toward the latter.


Sleek red packaging, made to look like classic ketchup packets, aids the set’s condiment roulette. A tomato graphic sits at the center of the wrapping, accompanied by a spell-out of the question “ketchup or makeup.” Both MSCHF and Fenty Beauty branding appears on the packaging alongside “do not eat” warnings, which may apply to the featured condiment as much as its matching makeup.

A MSCHF exclusive — Photos on MSCHF and Fenty’s Instagram accounts show side-by-side shots of models wearing smeared ketchup or neatly-lined lip gloss on their lips. The condiment stays true to its thick red consistency, while Fenty Beauty’s Gloss Bomb — advertised in the shade “Hot Cherry” — takes on a new look.

As TikTokers have discovered by swatching the ketchup gloss next to its original counterpart, the new version seems to be one created exclusively for MSCHF’s project. The usual “Hot Cherry” gloss is a light pink with no shimmer, while the one in the ketchup packets is a deep red with gold flecks of glitter. True Rihanna stans have no choice but to indulge in the MSCHF drop if they want to try the exclusive shade, although others have expressed their disappointment in the release. “We getting fenty ketchup before fenty music… THIS IS SICK,” wrote one Twitter user.

Haters aside, you can grab MSCHF and Fenty Beauty’s lip gloss set on the Ketchup or Makeup website, where the box retails (or Rih-tails?) for $25. All you’ll need to complete your look is a side of fries.