Rick Owens’ geometric platform sandal will be your everyday summer shoe

Dr. Martens’ sandals bow down to this silhouette.

Rick Owens Abstract Sandal
Rick Owens

Summer can be a difficult time for footwear: sneakers are sometimes too hot, and it’s hard to find sandals that aren’t overly casual or dressy. Elevated basics master Rick Owens, however, has come forward with an option that looks as comfortable as it is stylish. Dubbed the Abstract Sandal, the shoes feature lightly padded straps and a platform midsole.

Nothing is new about this sandal — we’ve seen similar iterations done by Dr. Martens, Opening Ceremony x Teva, and Balenciaga. Sandals have also been increasing in popularity thanks to the pandemic, which has revived and popularized the likes of Crocs and Yeezy slides. But unlike the latter, Owens’ design is less chunky, more refined, and actually supports your feet. As part of his expansive Spring/Summer 2021 lineup, the shoe plays with geometric design and angles not usually seen on your everyday footwear. This may be the summer sandal you’ve been searching for.

Don’t sacrifice comfort for style — In classic Owens fashion, the shoe is dressed entirely in black. A large geometric build prevents the platform of the Abstract Sandal from looking overly chunky, instead adding dimension to the design. A neoprene footbed then sits on top of the rubber outsole to provide maximum comfort and minimum slippage to the wearer.

Rick Owens

Three straps, one at the upper, one at the toe, and one behind the heel, support the wearer’s feet — so no matter how sweaty you get, you won’t have to deal with painful blisters. Each strap is horizontally quilted with black top-stitching, and lightly padded for comfort. Velcro details also allow wearers to adjust the fit to their liking.

Perfectly simple — Although not as experimental as Owens’ other designs, including his recent collaboration with Champion, the Abstract Sandal is basic enough for wear while retaining an eye-catching shape. Owens has mastered — once again — seamlessly blending comfort and style into one piece. Accordingly, sizes of his unisex sandal have sold out quickly, but with summer still a few months away, you can probably catch a restocked pair before it gets too hot out. Currently, retailer HBX only carries men’s sizes 8, 9, and 10, but smaller sizes can find pairs on Garmentory’s website.

Rick Owens

Depending on which retailer you buy from, the silhouette ranges from $626 to $640. It’s a big price tag for a sandal, of all shoes, but considering it’ll probably be the only shoe you’ll wear for a few months out of the year, we’re talking a few dollars per wear.