Rick Owens and Champion turn Ancient Greece goth with latest apparel collab

The designer has remixed basics, masks, and even underwear in a way only he could.

Rick Owens is someone who knows how to dress, no matter the occasion. His recent collaborations with Converse and Dr. Martens have given consumers options for elevated everyday footwear, and now the designer has unveiled quarantine-appropriate loungewear in partnership with Champion — proving you don’t always have to look frumpy in sweats.

Owens has actually looked to the sportswear brand for inspiration before, as he has previously admitted his label’s logo was based on Champion’s signature script (combined with a Jean Patou perfume label from the 1930s). This collaborative collection now sees Owens add his own influence to the brand through neutral tones and unisex styles.

Underwear as outerwear — Of course, Owens has added his transformative touch, making sure basics are never boring. He’s designed the collection in black, pearl, and gray tones, and put an emphasis on cotton underwear. In an interview with WWD, Owens described the collection as “stripped-down togas, loincloths and robes,” adding that if that sounded a little too “Spartacus,” Champion basics would be available too.

Rick Owens x Champion

The designer’s script logo and elongated pentagram motif decorate Champion’s signature reverse-weave pieces including hoodies, T-shirts, and sweatpants. To mix in the Ancient Greece feel, though, more experimental styles like nylon shorts, baggy weatherproof outerwear, and balaclava-like face coverings have also been lined up for the range.

Champion and Owens get deep into layering, even going as far as to debut collaborative underwear themselves. Bodysuits, briefs, and boyshorts see co-branded elastic waistbands, and are meant to be showcased — not hidden under pants. Here, reference loin cloths or Owens’ goth glam aesthetic: it’s about looking imperfectly put-together.

Rick Owens x Champion

As seen in campaign imagery, one piece in particular stands out. A hoodie, seemingly a usual design, has been altered to include two additional holes at the bottom, along with an extra hood. Whether or not legs are supposed to go through the lower openings (or what’s supposed to hang in the hood) is demonstrated by both Owens and other models, all of whom wear the hoodie differently.

Rick gets responsible — Throughout the experimental capsule, Owens used recycled nylons, organic cottons, and locally-sourced materials, and the collection will feature plastic-free packaging produced from biodegradable materials and recycled paper. “It’s about responsibility, and I love the idea of responsibility,” Owens told Hypebeast in an interview. “The fashion world can be so much about entitlement, but the idea of being grateful for what you’ve got, and trying to make the best of things, that’s a message I’ve been pushing a lot.”

That said, we’d be more grateful if what we owned was designed by Owens. His newest collaborative collection drops March 26 and will be available through both Champion’s website and the designer’s. So whether you’re into the Ancient Greek vibe, the goth look, or honestly just the underwear, get ready — this versatile collection will elevate any style.

Rick Owens x Champion