Reebok’s Instapump Fury Trail Shroud takes weatherproofing to the extreme

A windbreaker for your feet.

Reebok has seen the other winterized sneakers on the market and kindly asked its competitors to hold its beer. The latest iteration of the Instapump Fury is the most extreme yet, and I mean that entirely as a compliment. The new Instapump Fury Trail Shroud features a removable flap made of ballistic nylon and reminiscent of windbreakers. A drawstring enclosure, also removable, can tighten it up for even more protection.

Let’s geek some more — Under no circumstances should you remove either of the above features. If you want a more tame sneaker for these colder months, wear that. If you want this sneaker, you should let that freak flap fly at all times.

Down below, Hexaline cushioning and an EVA midsole sits atop a rugged tread. Two colorways are available, with varying degrees of pop. The True Grey/Modern Beige version comes with neon green highlights, while the Toxic Yellow/Gold Gray one screams with the yellow.

Good news, bad news — The Instapump Fury Trail Shroud is available now, but only at Reebok Japan. While the Japanese market is much more likely to appreciate the boldness of the sneaker, it’ll be a damn shame if it doesn’t make its way stateside.