Wearing Reebok's Zig Kentica 2: A cool sneaker you can actually afford

Free from hype, this pair is an easy pick-up and a worthy addition to anyone's shoe collection.

Reebok Zig Kentica 2

Reebok recently released the second iteration of its Zig Kinetica sneaker, but don't you fret. "Already dropped" is too often a synonym for "sold out," which is why I'm starting to eye more general release sneakers. Copping sneakers isn't very fun anymore, and it's refreshing to find a sneaker I like that won't be gobbled up instantly and sold to have-nots for a premium.

Reebok did seed me the Zig Kentica 2, but I'm not being generous when I say I would have bought it based on the images alone. The wavy grid is attractive as hell, and had it come from Nike it probably would have received hype. Upon wearing it, I've only fallen in love with it more — and it's earned a starting spot in my rotation.