Reebok is restocking its Kim Kardashian-approved Margiela split-toe shoe

It’s probably the cheapest Tabi — and Kardashian-owned — sneaker on the market, and you can try to make it yours (again) this week.

Reebok x Maison Margiela Classic Leather Tabi sneaker

If you missed out on Margiela and Reebok’s split-toe Tabi sneaker, don’t worry — the Kardashian-approved silhouette is re-releasing this Friday. First debuted in January and followed up by two other Classic Leather collaborations — simple white and black styles that dropped in February — the “Bianchetto” sneaker blends a classic Margiela model and hand-painted details with one of Reebok’s most notorious lifestyle silhouettes.

The weathered look of the sneaker only adds to its chicness, contrasting the longstanding luxury surrounding the Tabi style. Covered in streaky white paint, similar to other Margiela designs, the shoe boasts well-worn grey accents on the logo badge, tongue, and laces. As consumers wear the shoe, too, its paint will naturally chip off, only adding to the aged look of the sneaker and making each model unique to its owner.

Luxury meets leisure — Underneath the hand-painted white coating, the sneaker’s base is actually black. Its “Bianchetto” name derives from the Italian word meaning “whitener,” nodding to the way the paint has transformed the shoes. Ironically, however, the name becomes less relevant with wear as the paint fades away and reveals the original black upper.


Paint reaches everywhere but the shoe’s signature Tabi detail, making the split toe even more pronounced. Dividing the toe box in half, the wedge extends quite a bit into the Classic Leather sneaker, promising a compelling but maybe not-so-comfortable look.

A large co-branded tag appears on the tongue, sporting both Margiela’s numeral branding and Reebok’s Delta logo. The laces, collar, and Reebok lateral branding all match the tongue with a dark gray shade, contrasting the white-painted upper and giving consumers a peek at what the sneaker might look like after wear.

Kim Kardashian

A total sneaker steal — Maison Margiela and Reebok’s Classic Leather Tabi “Bianchetto” sneaker is set to return to both Margiela and Reebok’s websites on April 9 at 10 a.m. ET. Grabbing a pair at retail will be difficult due to demand, but worth it — the silhouette is currently reselling for over $3,000, and with a typical Tabi silhouette priced between $585 to $1,500, the $350 price tag of this sneaker is a complete steal.

The shoe also already boasts approval from Kim Kardashian — if that means something to you — and is most likely the cheapest Kardashian-owned shoe, or Tabi for that matter, that you can get your hands on. Plus, this might be the only time you see this many people lusting after a Reebok sneaker.