Reebok has a wild, monster sneaker that it guarantees everyone can buy

The striking Kanghyuk Premier Road Modern Mid will be available for unlimited pre-orders.

Kanghyuk Reebok Premier Road Modern Mid

Reebok is continuing to push back into the spotlight with yet another collaborative slapper. Upstart Korean brand Kanghyuk has followed up its striking Premier Road Modern from last year with a new mid-top version that’s even more worthy of your attention. But the coolest thing of all is a deviation from the scarcity that defines the modern sneaker game — as everyone who wants a pair will be able to get one.

Beginning today, Kanghyuk is accepting unlimited pre-orders for its scorching hot sneaker. Purchases can be made until July 14, with delivery slated for March 2022. That’s a long time to wait for your sneaker, to be sure, but it reveals a model we know every sneaker company could follow.

There’s nothing stopping Nike, Adidas, or anyone else meeting demand for their most coveted sneakers, and their continued decision to do so is what’s allowed the resale market to flourish and make the whole culture less fun. Telfar famously fought back against this phenomenon with its it Shopping Bag, cementing itself as a truly democratic brand. The Kanghyuk Premier Road Modern Mid is just one drop, but we hope it’s the beginning of Reebok staking a similar claim and setting itself apart from other sneaker brands.


Let’s fawn over the shoe itself — The Premier Road Modern, first launched last fall, is one of Reebok’s newer models that’s begun to change the conversation around the brand. It takes inspiration from trail running shoes in a bid for fashion and stands out with an upper largely made of synthetic molds that takes well to a variety of bright colors and creates a unique texture above the mesh inlays.

This sense of texture is only deepened by Kanghyuk’s red and white color scheme and quite literally heightened now that the sneaker climbs up to become a mid-top. In its new version, the Premier Road Modern looks more like a sneaker-boot hybrid — and one that would be right at home in an anime character’s uniform.

Come next March, Kanghyuk’s Premier Road Modern Mid will be a fun sneaker to pair with your best tech lord fit. It’s absolutely worth the wait, and if you’re willing to do so you can make your pre-order right here for $240.