Reebok’s ‘Jurassic Park’ sneakers look like your worst nightmare

Or your lifelong dream?

Reebok 'Jurassic Park' Instapump

Working in collaboration with Universal’s Jurassic Park, Reebok has unveiled a monster of its own. As part of an upcoming three-sneaker collection, the brand revealed its Instapump Fury silhouette, dressed in dinosaur-like stripes and bright green, yellow, and red shades to celebrate the Jurassic Park franchise. Like the prehistoric movies, though, the sneaker might be better off sticking to fictional iterations.

It seems that rather than working on bettering the brand, Reebok has fully embraced its reputation for ugly shoes. Granted, the weird designs are making headlines — but are the shoes actually making the brand any profit?

Reebok recently debuted a chunky sandal version of its Instapump, alongside a split-toe sneaker made in partnership with Maison Margiela. Instead of adhering to its retro silhouettes, the label appears to have taken a page from ex-sister brand Yeezy, releasing limited and unusual shoes — catering to hypebeasts who focus on exclusivity rather than design. It’s actually a pretty smart move, but looking at these dinosaur sneakers, we’re not sure it’ll pay off.

Dinosaur or eyesore? — The upcoming three-piece collection comes just before Jurassic Park’s next movie, Jurassic World: Dominion, releases in June 2022. Reebok has CL Legacy, Club C, and Instapump Fury silhouettes lined up for the capsule, with the latter making the loudest statement so far.


Mimicking the design of the iconic self-driving Ford Explorers from the original Jurassic Park film, the shoes are fit for any type of adventure. While you may not be able to outrun Velociraptors in the Instapump, bright red stripes might help you blend in with the pack, and a neon yellow and green ombré upper only further cements your dinosaur status.

If the loud design weren’t enough, Jurassic Park branding can be found throughout the shoe. Embossed rubber lettering on the front and rear pulls reads “Reebok Classic” and “Jurassic Park” in signature Jurassic Park font, while the pump button proudly displays the movie’s distinctive T-Rex silhouette logo.


Tear details on the outsole make it look like your shoes have gone through a dinosaur fight, too, recalling the “Dino-Damage” of Jurassic Park’s classic toys. Even the insole of the sneakers are packed with detail, boasting a radiant co-branded graphic.

For the real ones — Reebok’s Jurassic Park Instapump may be ugly — but if you’re a huge fan of the film franchise, these sneakers are a goldmine. Packed with detail and nods to the OG movie, Reebok makes a fair argument as to why you should buy its thematic footwear. The chunky silhouette will cost you, though, with a retail price of $180.

The full Jurassic Park collection launches May 1 on Reebok’s website, and given the devotion to detail on these Instapumps, we’re looking forward to the odd sneakers the brand has in store for us. If the upcoming Club C and CL Legacy are anything like this shoe, we can practically label this capsule as collectibles.