Reebok brings snake vibes to its air-filled Instapump Fury OG 'Snake Pack'

Giving consumers a meld of trends in one shoe.

If you thought the chunky shoe era ended, think again. With retro kicks trending, Reebok is turning our attention towards its classic Instapump Fury OG, and its updated iterations found in the brand’s “Snake Pack.” As you might be able to tell from the capsule’s name, the new sneakers come dressed in snake print, and of course, feature the shoe’s signature pump technology.

At the time of the Instapump’s original release, Reebok was at its peak. Since the 2000s, however, the brand has slowly declined, failing to compete with growing brands like Nike and Converse. The pandemic has only worsened sales for the brand, and after months of reports and speculation, Adidas has confirmed its plans to divest from Reebok.

That being said, the brand is certainly attempting a comeback with its retro re-releases. Here, Reebok has taken three key trends — animal print, chunky shoes, and nostalgic silhouettes — and combined them to create one hyped style. But will consumers bite?

Slithering into sneaker hype — One thing is for certain: The sneakerhead community is starving. As much as top brands like Nike try to satiate consumers, there are too many of them — and not enough sneakers to go around. It’s the perfect time for an underdog brand like Reebok to sneak in and reclaim its title.


The brand’s two-piece collection might make more of a loud impression, though. With a base of scaly leather, meant to mimic snakeskin, the sneakers are certainly attention-grabbing. Their synthetic black overlays give the classic silhouette a new shape, sprawling across the side panels, throat, and toe. Both the tongue and heel are also dressed in black, while the pump button sports its usual white lettering. The signature feature allows the wearer to tighten their shoes.

Two shades of the snake print sneakers, dubbed “Black / Brown” and “Black / Grey,” are available. Besides the upper’s color, the only difference between the two shoes is their midsoles — the former comes with blacked-out sole units, while the latter boasts a white midsole for a brighter look. Regardless, either sneaker is statement-making.


Pump it up — Right now, the Snake Pack is only available through select retailers like Atmos, where you can cop for ¥19,000 (about $178). We’re expecting the capsule to slither its way to the States, however, as Reebok continues to expand its potential. Perhaps it’s only a matter of time before we’re all pumping our sneakers up.