Reebok trolls Michael Jordan by re-releasing the Olympic jacket he infamously covered

Coming on the heels of its appearance in 'The Last Dance.'

Dimitri Iundt/Corbis Sport/Getty Images

Aside from the night of the premiere, Jordan Brand has failed to capitalize on the smashing popularity of The Last Dance documentary. Because ESPN's 10-part series on the Chicago Bulls' '97-'98 season is heavily focused on Michael Jordan, it's full of iconic sneaker moments — whether they're explicitly discussed or spotted by viewers focused on his feet. It'd be a great time to re-issue some of the most heralded Air Jordans, and yet the only release has been the Air Jordan 5 "Fire Red."

Now, Reebok will have just as many The Last Dance-related drops as Michael Jordan's very own brand. The one-time competitor with Nike — let's not pretend they're in the same plane now — is set to re-release the Olympic windbreaker that got a significant amount of screen time in the most recent pair of episodes.

Not famous, but infamous — The 1992 Olympic Dream Team was outfitted by Reebok, which the hyper-competitive Jordan couldn't oblige. He would have refused to wear a competitor's apparel, but the team was told anyone who didn't wear the track pants and jacket wouldn't be able to participate in the medal ceremony. Never one to back down, Jordan still found a way to say "fuck you" to Reebok by covering the company's logo with an American flag draped over his shoulders. Because who could criticize the overt patriotism of rocking the ole Stars and Stripes.

Reebok trolls back — Reebok may now be the far inferior brand, but it's made an elite move by taking advantage of the televised story and putting the infamous jacket back up for sale. What's even funnier is that the re-release features a slight design tweak: the Reebok logo has shifted from the right to left breast (i.e. the side Jordan didn't cover.)


Unfortunately, that isn't the only change. The jacket isn't a 1:1 recreation, as it has forgone the massive "USA" graphic on the front and features a different paneling design. Perhaps there were issues with licensing because Nike is now the official outfitter for Team USA, but it's kind of a let down nonetheless.

That said, it is still a dope jacket. It'd be a solid pick-up for anyone who wants a tongue-in-cheek acknowledgment of the moment... and who hasn't been soured on wearing the American flag by the MAGA crowd. If that's you, head over to Reebok's website today and prepare to drop $80.