Raf Simons made cozy blankets and fancy candles to get 'intimate' with you

Separate from his namesake brand.

Raf Simons

If you’ve ever wondered what goes on inside Raf Simons’ mind, you’re about to find out. The Belgian designer announced he’s starting his own online retail platform with pieces curated and selected by him. Gwyneth Paltrow and Goop are shaking in their vegan leather boots. Though it's not marketed as a lifestyle platform, the site will give a look into Simons’ “point of view, aesthetic and philosophy.”

Simons named the new venture “History of My World,” the same title he gave his 10th-anniversary collection in 2005. The platform is a separate entity from the Raf Simons brand, though many of the designer’s pieces will be offered on the site. On top of Simons’ fashionable picks, “History of My World” will also offer a selection of homeware, literature, and exclusive collaborations.

A Simons interior — The site is launching with 45 unique “Teenage Dream” blankets, which were each individually designed and produced by the Raf Simons Studio. The raw-edge wool blankets elaborate on Simons’ Spring / Summer 2021 theme of family and community, and feature printed pins and patches from the Raf Simons house label. The covering is priced between $1,925 to $2,723. 25 of the one-off pieces had already sold out.

Raf Simons

Alongside the blankets, you can buy a set of candles shaped like apothecary bottles. Coming in mint, cream, and apricot shades, the candles will set you back about $550. No one said living like Raf Simons was cheap. To get a closer look inside his life, however, the platform is selling rare publications published by the designer. Raf Simons Isolated Heroes (1999), Woe Onto Those Who Spit on the Fear Generation The Wind Will Blow it Back... (2002) and Raf Simons Redux (2005) are all available on the site. “In a further expression of intimacy, each of these books can be signed and dedicated by Raf Simons himself,” said a press release for the platform.

Meet the maker — The press release further describes the website as a “personal and intimate window” into the designer’s thought process. Simons has a long record of innovation, from his youth rebellion fashion shows to his most recent job of creating collections with Miuccia Prada for her brand in Milan. But now instead of a designer, this platform sees Simons move into a position more akin to that of a fashion buyer or curator.

You can explore History of My World online now and deck your home in Raf Simons’ approved decor. New drops, including reissued pieces from Simons’ archive, are rumored to be heading to the site soon. This is only the beginning of Simons’ ultra-exclusive empire.

Raf Simons