Puma has a weird shoe collab with ‘The Godfather’ that you can’t refuse

Feel like the head of the Corleone family with this Size? sneaker collection.

size? x Puma x 'The Godfather' Palermo sneaker

Size? has created a collaboration you can’t refuse. Ahead of its FW21 season, the U.K. boutique previewed three Puma Palermo sneakers made in collaboration with the iconic film The Godfather, each bearing a famous line from the movie. Revenge, as it seems, is a dish best served with retro shoes.

Puma’s vintage Palermo silhouette couldn’t be more fitting for revenge, or casual wear. Debuted in the ‘70s — the same decade that saw The Godfather claim its title as the second-highest ranked movie of all time — the sneaker sports a low, slim profile with suede overlays. This three-way collaboration marks the first time the Palermo model has been unleashed from Puma’s vault in years.

Leave the gun, take the Palermo — All three Godfather Palermo sneakers highlight an important scene and location from the classic 1972 film. Bearing a moss green upper with cream Puma branding, “The Wedding” shoe embodies the greenery of the movie’s opening scene. “The Restaurant” sneaker, on the other hand, pays tribute to its fateful scene with vibrant blue and pink hues, inspired by the neon lights that flood the Louis Restaurant.

“The Restaurant”Size?

Lastly, a cream base with red and blue accents dresses “The Bar” shoe, nodding to Bar Vitelli, where Michael Corleone meets the father of his future wife. Dedicated to detail, the bright red Formstripe takes on the exact shade of the famous bar sign.

Each Palermo sneaker also features an iconic line from The Godfather, hidden beneath its branded eyelet flap. “We go to the mattresses” comes printed in gold foil on “The Wedding” shoe, while “The Bar” boasts the fan-favorite line “Leave the gun, take the cannoli.” Corleone-wannabes can opt for “The Restaurant” sneaker, which bears the line “It’s not personal, it’s strictly business.”

Modern Notoriety
Modern Notoriety
Modern Notoriety

An offer you can’t refuse — Final touches include more Godfather branding on the insoles and Size? branding on the Palermo’s heels. Special, revenge-seeking packaging is rumored for the three sneakers, though it’s yet to be revealed.

A full release of the Size? x The Godfather Puma Palermo sneakers is set to come later this year, exclusively launching at the U.K. boutique’s website. Before they drop, of course, there’ll have to be a meeting with the heads of the five families.

“The Wedding”Size?