Puma's Porsche '911 Legacy' soccer shoe bleeds red and is insanely exclusive

You better race to get a pair.

Red sneakers in a blue Porsche
Puma x Porsche

Companies like Supreme, Nike, and Off-White have stayed on top of the game for a while now, and it's not just because they make great products. Their brand names emulate exclusivity, and customers often flaunt their purchases online to let others know they were lucky enough to score. Limited product gives consumers satisfaction in buying, and now other, smaller brands are catching on to the marketing trick.

Puma announced it teamed up with Porsche to create an ultra-limited batch of soccer cleats, arriving in a bright red color. After the shoe’s name, the King Platinum "911 Legacy," only 911 pairs will be available globally — making this silhouette one of Puma’s most exclusive sneakers.

This isn’t the first time Puma has paired up with Porsche. Late last year, the two created a limited-edition collection of shoes inspired by the car brand's 911 Turbo vehicle. Made up of eight different sneakers, the capsule highlights eight generations of the 911 Turbo car, which dates back to the mid-1970s. Puma’s newest release honors the same vehicle with its sleek design, but with one of the brand’s iconic silhouettes. The Puma King cleat, best known as the shoe soccer idols adore, now also boasts the polished design of the beautiful Porsche model. No word on whether it comes with the same speed abilities.

Exclusively exquisite — Puma and Porsche's latest shoe captures both the sporty design of the footwear brand and the sinuous curves that have characterized the 911 car. The predominant color of the collaborative cleat is "poppy red," the very color that historically first graced the 911 when it came out of Porsche’s Zuffenhausen workshops.

Puma x Porsche

With a clean and elegant design, the 911 Legacy shoe features delicate details. White Puma and 911 branding can be spotted on the heels, while "Porsche" is spelled out in white on the shoe's lateral. The limited-edition sneaker then gets even more exclusive on its medial side. Since only 911 pairs were produced, each shoe is marked with what number pair it belongs to. Not only does this give the shoe more hype, but it gives owners even more bragging rights, with the ability to now say, "I have pair X out of 911 in the world."

For those more interested in the performance of the shoe, however, the 911 Legacy King Platinum is one of the lightest cleats ever produced. Its ultralight "Rapidsprint" sole reduces the impact on weight and guarantees a great fit.

Race to buy — Puma and Porsche's sleek shoe is available now on Pro Direct Soccer's website, so if you’re thinking of buying, act fast. Once the 911th pair gets snatched up, you’ll be forced to pay resale for the individually-numbered sneakers, which are currently retailing at £220 (around $300). But you could also take a risk and try to buy the last pair — how cool would it be to own 911 out of 911?

Puma x Porsche