Prinker's temporary tattoo printer could help you make better ink decisions

Maybe test-drive that forehead tat this way first.

Unless you're a trust funder or an established mumble rapper, you should think thrice before committing to a face tattoo. If only there was a way to see how your friends, family, employer and/or strangers on the street respond to that eyebrow-hugging expletive you're considering.

South Korean company Prinker has the solution: an eponymous tattoo printer that comes with over 3,000 designs in its accompanying app and lets you add your own.

Tattoos in Korea are a no-go –– While not actually illegal, tattoos in Korea are pretty rare. First, to become a tattoo artist in the country you literally need to get a medical license first, and second, they're pretty much universally scorned by people over 35.

Print on, wash off –– Starter kits cost $269 for the monochrome printer or $299 for the color one, and both include a printer, a cartridge, and a bottle of rubbing alcohol-like liquid for wiping down the applicable bit of flesh before "printing." Printed tattoos will last up to two days and are waterproof, or can be washed off immediately with a bit of soapy water — which is great if you print something regrettable only to secure a same-day Tinder date hours later.

Beyond letting you try out tattoo designs before committing to them permanently, Prinker suggests brand promotion or, umm, labeling your child before they lose you (or you them) at Disney Land.