Prada's luxury dog swag turns your pooch into the goodest hypebeast ever

Sure to be the envy of the dog park.

Do pets count as an accessory? Brands seem to think so. This holiday season, Prada has a different type of bad bitch in mind and will roll out jackets and raincoats for dogs. The plush pooch apparel is stamped with the brand’s signature triangle logo plaque, automatically making your dog look super luxe. Make sure you’re dressed accordingly.

Comes with puppy pockets — If you’re looking to go above and beyond in spoiling your dog, Prada has you covered. The two doggy designs include a hooded raincoat and a puffer jacket with pockets (for your dog’s phone). The jacket comes in a sleek black nylon, accented by silver metal buckles. As for the raincoat, that piece is more casual and less hypebeast in a translucent white.


While I think these coats are absolutely ridiculous, I can’t help but want to cop one. Their miniature features somehow ooze luxury and adorableness at the same time. It’s also worth considering these jackets retail for less than a Prada nylon bag.

This outerwear collection better keep your dog warm, because that pooch will look ice cold wearing it. And it’s guaranteed these jackets will make your puppy feel like a top dog. You can preview the looks on Prada’s website and have your pup make a wish list. Though sizes have not been announced yet, you can get an idea from the plush toy model. We’re hoping Prada is size-inclusive on this drop and doesn’t just stick to small pups.


Costly couture — This collection is for the person — or dog, rather — who has everything. The puffer jacket will retail for $550, while the raincoat stands at $495. To complete the look, Prada also offers a $2,250 nylon dog bag for anything that might not fit into your dog’s pockets. Why else would someone need that extra-looking doggy briefcase?


Prada hasn’t announced exactly when the collection will drop, though their site says the pieces are “arriving soon.” Considering they’re part of the holiday collection, a late November or early December drop seems likely. In the meantime, spoil your dog with a napping helmet or a harness with a built-in leash. Or, plan you and your dog’s matching fits in advance. If you’re a reasonable person or just don’t have that Prada cash, get your paws on these hypebeast dog accessories (at Maxxinista rates).