Prada's $550 dog raincoat is a totally reasonable treat

Is there a better way to love your good boy or girl?

Prada Nylon Dog Raincoat

Logic may tell you that all your dog wants is your affection and the occasional treat that comes in a pouch for, like, $15. But forget logic, the best way to indulge your pup is with an exorbitant raincoat from an esteemed Italian luxury house.

Prada has taken its crowd-pleasing nylon rain coat, as worn by Frank Ocean at the 2019 Met Gala, and cut it into a dog-friendly version. For the totally reasonable price of $500, the good boy or girl in your life can become more stylish than most humans.

The tiny raincoat, which has been modeled on a dog of the plush variety, comes with a hood and Prada’s iconic enamel triangle logo on its nape. Elasticized trim helps provide a secure fit to keep your dog dry, and snap fastening should make the process of getting it on and off a cinch.


Now the bad news — One size signifies that Prada is reinforcing the notion of small dogs being more stylish, as the raincoat has a height of 42 cm and 24-cm width. So if you have a Pug, French Bulldog, or Pomeranian you’re in luck — but there’s no love for the Pit Bulls or Labs of the world.

Prada’s raincoat has been made in its signature black, as well as white, although only the latter version is available to purchase in the States right now. The former is clearly the superior option, and we couldn’t blame you for going through the modest trouble of a proxy service to get it shipped over from Hong Kong.


What a time to be a dog — Just a few weeks ago, Fendi’s small dog collection grabbed our attention, and the market for luxury pet attire has never seemed to be bigger. Ssense launched a dedicated pet section last year, and its full of offerings from the likes of Versace, Marine Serre, and Heron Preston.

If your dog doesn’t have the same level of drip as you, do you really even love it?