Prada wants to tempt you to a $1,300 game of tic-tac-toe

For that price, the buyer should always win.

Prada Tic-Tac-Toe Set

If you can think it, luxury houses can make it prohibitively expensive. Even tic-tac-toe, which doesn’t even require more than pen and paper, isn’t immune to a so-called premium upgrade — and Prada has a game set to make anyone with a sense of money blush.

The Italian house has unveiled a $1,290 tic-tac-toe game that will expose the rich tic-tac-dopes of the world. A plush Steffiano leather case makes the game portable, complete with high-end Riri zippers with leather trim and ornamental lining featuring Prada’s logo. The board itself is red with metal borders, while each of the black and white metal playing discs is emblazoned with Prada’s logo as well.

So who could possibly need such an extravagant game set? No one, of course. But if you’ve got it like that, Prada’s tic-tac-toe would be convenient for park days, traveling, or merely waving money in the faces of others at any given opportunity.


It’s all in the game — Prada’s has no shortage of luxury game sets, ranging from a $595 deck of cards with leather case included to your choice of either backgammon or chess sets for $4,000 apiece. The common threads for Prada’s aspirational game night are Steffiano leather, metal accents, and a complete disregard for dough that few enjoy.

By comparison, my splurge on a $200 Prada bolo tie last year was a much more sensible purchase — even if it came just two months before the pandemic would erase the few opportunities to wear that existed in the first place. Dogs, who are supposedly subservient to us humans, too have out-flexed me with $500 raincoats as provided by their owners.

If the Prada tic-tac-toe board will fill the void in your life, you can plug it up directly through Prada’s website. And if that still isn’t garish enough for you, Louis Vuitton says hold my beer with $10,000 kites and $2,000 yoga mats.