Prada's $1,300 jump rope will burn your calories and your cash

Listen, sometimes it’s okay to settle for the off-brand.

Prada is back to sell you some more insane gear that’ll take your exercise session to the next level. As part of its Spring/Summer 2022 outdoor line, the Parisian fashion house included a fancy branded jump rope in the collection — but it’ll cost you a pretty penny.

Don’t sweat it — Nothing says “I’m rich” like showing up with a black braided jump rope. This one in particular features steel handles coated in textured Saffiano leather and emblazoned with Prada’s signature metal triangle logo. If throwing it in your duffel bag isn’t enough, the rope also comes with a branded carrying case reminiscent of Prada’s toiletry bags, featuring a patterned print on the inside and sealed with a zipper. The only other traditional exercise equipment in its Sports and Leisure department is a $2,950 Re-Nylon and Saffiano hand weight set with a carrying case, but the weights are only 1kg.


Sporty and rich — Louis Vuitton and Saint Laurent have made luxe jump ropes of their own in the past, just in case Prada’s not your thing. But if it is, the brand has been keen on presenting traditional sports equipment and other miscellaneous products in its collections. Last year, its outdoor capsule included frisbees, yoga mats, and everything you might need for the perfect Prada picnic.

As of late, it’s shifting its focus on the perfect workout or scrimmage at the country club. Splurge on a $1,990 tennis racket, a red version of its $775 basketball, more $2,150 yoga mats in different colors and prints, and stainless steel water bottles, which for $120 aren’t that bad, considering.

Got money to burn? — If you have an extra $1,290 lying around, the jump rope and more of Prada’s outdoor collection is available through its website and the VOO store. Although given the price tag, no wonder it’s still in stock.