Forget sneakers, Prada's $775 basketball is a chance to flex on the court

The ultimate intersection of luxury and sweaty sports.

Prada black Saffiano leather basketball

Prada’s got game. From an Adidas sneaker to an outdoor collection to a game of $1300 tic-tac-toe, it sure is feeling playful lately. Now, the luxury label wants to challenge you to a game of HORSE with a Prada-branded basketball no less.

A slam dunk for Prada? — The basketball is coated in the brand’s signature yet slightly pretentious black shade, accented by complementing white stripes. To throw in some branding, because how could it not, the fashion house added its traditional triangular logo nodding to “Prada Milan.” It could be just for decoration, but no one can really stop you from actually using the ball on-court.

You can even carry it there in the ball’s special holder. Prada constructed a webbed carrying strap out of black Saffiano leather that’s held together with metallic Prada buckles. If you saw the frisbee and yoga mat from the brand’s outdoor collection, carrying sporting goods with your hands is a thing of the past.


For some reason, Prada is elevating everyday items with its unholy triangular stamp, and surely it resonates with those who can afford to spend more than $30 on a regular Spalding basketball. Chanel and Louis Vuitton both have luxury basketballs of their own, so there must be a market for those playing pick up games in the Hamptons or something. Otherwise, the piece is a statement addition to a hypebeast’s living room.

Nothing but net if you can afford it — The luxury basketball is still in stock on the Prada online shop for $775. Those that splurge on the piece might want to put it in a display case instead of through an actual hoop, but maybe it’ll score you coolness points at your next game.