Polo Ralph Lauren brings back its fabled Casino Shirt from the '90s

The gambling graphic is one of Lo Heads' most coveted pieces.

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For Lo Heads, arguably the most ardent Polo Ralph Lauren collectors of all, some pieces stand above the rest. The original Snow Beach and Stadium collections are some of the most coveted and rare, which is why it was a no-brainer for Polo to bring them back over the past few years. Right up in that same rarefied air is the red Casino shirt, a '90s piece with an all-over roulette print that I dare you to try to find today. You'll need some serious luck and a willingness to throw major coin to get one of the OG pieces.

Thankfully, that shirt of sin becomes the latest iconic Polo piece to get a reissue. Ralph Lauren is bringing back the red shirt as part of a limited-edition Casino collection, which will also include shirts in blue and green — as well as shorts, women's jackets, and skirts in all three colorways.

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A guaranteed sellout — The entire collection will sell out quickly, but none of the pieces will disappear as quickly as the OG red shirt. You can see it here in some old-school photos of Fabolous and his fellow Lo Heads. An original member of the Lo Lifes, who unabashedly resorted to stealing in order to participate in the world of Ralph, gave an idea of its place in the pantheon in a New York Times interview from 2016:

"It's really hard to find this in my size, so I had to tailor it," Tom Gould said. "I saw a guy wearing one in the park the other day with his young daughter. It was a hot day, and I was like, 'Wow, you’re wearing it on this day?' Anyone who wears these clothes don’t wear them if it’s raining or it’s hot because you don’t want to sweat in them or get them wet, you know?"

Hip-hop fashion was rife with all-over prints in the '90s, so, naturally, the Casino shirt was a hit. It was flamboyant, a chance to align its wearer with the indulgences of the roulette table. Just Blaze, another well known Lo Head, even referenced the shirt in his 2015 sneaker collab with Packer Shoes and Saucony.

Spin the roulette — The full capsule is set to launch at 10 a.m. EST on February 13, exclusively on The Polo App and Opening Ceremony's website, as well as select Ralph Lauren and OC stores. Both the shirt and shorts will retail for $168. For Lo Heads and neophytes alike, this is a chance to own a little Lo history.

Ralph Lauren
Ralph Lauren

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