Pleasures' blacked-out Crocs are a little punk and a little glam

Take your pick of the All-Terrain Clog and Classic Slide.

Los Angeles-based streetwear brand Pleasures is collaborating with Crocs for the third year in a row, and this time it’s dared to mix punk and glam with the outdoors.

The duo of footwear options is spearheaded by the All-Terrain Clog, Crocs’ mix of super comfy foam and a trail-ready tread. Under Palace’s stead, the outdoor clog takes on glitter in all-black color scheme. Breaking up the luster is an oversized “Pleasures” logo in a flatter finish and enveloping both the lateral and medial sides.

Releasing alongside the All-Terrain Clog will be a punk spin on the Classic Slide, which has the best comfort for money return in the field of house shoes. In place of your more standard Jibbitz is a collection of pins you’d typically find on a leather or denim jacket, including skulls, flowers, and the dreary text “Getting used to getting used.”


A veritable duo of Crocs — The Crocs trend is showing no signs of slowing down, and the likes of Yeezy, Alyx, and Fear of God are all chasing the mix of comfort and irony of wearing something so ugly with their own more expensive imitations. Salehe Bembury’s upcoming Crocs collab, which has seen the sneaker designer given a wider leash than any previous collaborator, is the most anticipated yet for the resurgent brand — but in the meantime, you could do a lot worse than rocking Pleasures’.

Choosing between the All-Terain Clog and Classic Slide should come down to just how active you want to be. Or better yet, go ‘head and cop both to be prepared for both lounging and trekking. Doubling up would still be cheaper than most single sneaker releases, as the All-Terrain Clog will retail for $70 and the Classic Slide $30. Both will be available in limited quantities at ComplexCon on November 6 and 7, with an additional drawing being held on Crocs’ website opening at 12 p.m. November 16 and closing at the same time the next day.

Should you be without luck, even resale prices for Crocs’ collabs aren’t too crazy. And that might just be the best thing about the brand’s turn to trendiness — it’s remarkably accessible.