Palladium and Finisterre made a waterproof boot out of recycled materials

Two European brands team up on a sustainable boot.

Palladium Finisterre Pampa Hi Recycled WP+

Our pages here at Input are flush with recycled sneakers, but what about boots? The truth is that this category isn't as strong as its more casual counterpart, which is why we're excited about this collaboration between Palladium and Finisterre.

Palladium, a French footwear purveyor, teamed up with the British sustainable outdoor brand to make a more eco-friendly version of the Pampa Hi. The result is the Pampa Hi Recycled WP+, a lightweight and fully waterproof boot that utilizes recycled plastic and rubber throughout. Available in three colors, the boot is more rugged than it may seem — saving you from needing to wear something more unwieldy for protection in your outdoor adventures.


Each pair uses 9.5 water bottles — The thin, waterproof upper is made from the equivalent of 9.5 recycled plastic water bottles, while the jagged outsole is comprised of 35 percent recycled rubber. Even the pull tab, which is emblazoned with a recycled symbol, is made out of non-virgin material.

Each pair — available in dark olive, navy, and tan, and black with orange accents — has also been dyed organically.

Finisterre is remarkably transparent — Founded in 2003, Finisterre focuses on sustainability throughout its materials, packaging, and manufacturing. The brand also offers repairs for all its products, ranging from simple patches and re-waterproofing to full-service for more beaten down pieces.

Certified by B-Corp as socially and environmentally responsible, Finisterre releases an annual impact report for its business. Last year, it introduced water-soluble "Leave No Trace" packaging that will break down naturally in soil or water without releasing any toxins. 2019 was also when Finisterre reached a 98 percent use of organic cotton within its product range.


Scoop the boots now — The Pampa Hi Recycled WP+ is available now through Palladium and Finisterre's web shops, albeit only for the European market. Pricing is set at £125 (~$160) which ain't too bad for a boot to hold you down in the elements without bringing down the earth.