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One of Nike’s 'trashiest' shoes are 43% off right now

These Nike sneakers are so eco-friendly since they're literally made of recycled trash.

Nike Space Hippie shoes

If you want some lifestyle sneakers with a minimal environmental footprint, Nike has you covered. Last year, Nike introduced the "Space Hippie" line — funky yet futuristic shoes made from factory scraps and recycled materials. As you can see, they're ugly and beautiful at the same time.

Space Hippies come in four different styles so far and typically costs at least $130+ for a pair. That's a solid price for shoes designed to look straight out of the future, but letting nothing go to waste, Nike just kicked 43% off the "Space Hippie 04" down to $73.

Sustainable Good Looks — So how are these made exactly? Each shoe features a Flyknit upper body made from recycled t-shirts, yarn scraps, and plastic water bottles. Then, the "crater foam" midsole is literally made of garbage thanks to ground-up Nike factory rubber scraps. That said, the midsole is extremely comfortable and cushiony.

We love how creative Nike is getting with all the factory leftovers. The crater foam midsole in these shoes is the same "Nike Grind Infill" rubber material the company used for its fancy eco-friendly football field in Miami.

The "Hippie 04" model on sale today has the lowest carbon footprint of the family, and it's the lightest, so they're absolutely worth trying. Basically, buy a pair and bring out the inner Zoolander Derelicte in yourself. In fact, Input own Edgar Alvarez loves these shoes. Explaining that while the foam base made the shoes look "big," they're definitely lightweight, comfortable, and durable.

Unique good looks, and they're good for the planet, that's a win-win, right?

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