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One of Nike's most comfortable house shoes is on sale for less than $75

The designation of a house-only shoe is sacred and failing to follow it is gross.

Sometimes, I do not understand sneakerheads even though I count myself as one of them.

When Nike first announced the 3.0 version of its ACG Moc — a slip-on shoe technically made for the campground but great as house shoes or for quick jaunts to the store — I was already stoked. That was before the pandemic came in and changed life as we know it, including trivial details like making house shoes more necessary than ever.

Then, in August, Nike released a wavy tie-dye version that's firmly on-trend. I thought the psychedelic ACG Moc 3.0 would have sold out promptly — and yet it's still here not only sitting on shelves, but on sale a mere month later for only $75 (down from its usual $100).


Time to take advantage — The oversight of would-be customers on this shoe is perfect for our continued home-limited reality is your opportunity. It's also available in a much more understated blue if bold prints aren't your thing.

Beneath the quilted upper is a foam sock liner to give you a snug and comfortable fit. While the outsole doesn't have the aggressive tread seen in most ACG offerings, a sticky rubber heel and toe give it enough traction for low-level outdoor activities.

Personally, I wouldn't bother putting the Moc to use in such activities, though. Wear these puppies around your home when the temperatures drop or dedicate them for errands close to home. Whatever you do, don't do both — the designation of a house-only shoe is sacred and failing to follow it is gross.

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