Off-White’s own take on Crocs is better than the original

The label’s Spongesole Meteor Slippers elevate rubber slippers with extraterrestrial details like “meteor holes” and an anti-gravity sole.


As we move closer to the possibility of a post-sneaker world, mules and slippers have increased in popularity — so much so that some even challenge the resale prices of the volatile sneaker market. Crocs are particularly in demand thanks to their comfortable fit, fairly affordable prices, and collaborations with celebrities and streetwear designers alike.

Of course, the popularity of the rubber slippers has inspired designer versions. Givenchy and Balenciaga already offer luxe iterations of the clog, and it seems Off-White is coming in hot with its own take. Maintaining the same clog silhouette, the label’s Spongesole Meteor Slipper is an out-of-this-world interpretation featuring “meteor holes” across its rubber upper, which comes in a moon-like pale green shade. Although it’s not clear if the material glows in the dark, it would certainly complete the theme of the space-inspired slipper.

Comfy AF — The Spongesole Meteor Slippers will indeed make you feel like you’re walking without gravity. Per their namesake, the shoes flaunt a Spongesole, a bouncy material Off-White likes to create its soles from. In addition to adding premium comfort, the sole unit adds to the extraterrestrial look of the slippers with a chunky, textured look not unlike moon rocks.


Up top, the slip-on shoes are perforated with “meteor holes” for breathability, while additional indents decorate the upper. Off-White’s signature branding comes debossed into the shoe’s collar, while its crossed arrow logo has been punched into the plush insole. By the looks of it, extra arch support has been added to the insole for ultimate comfort.

A must-have for summer — Off-White’s Spongesole Meteor Slippers only solidify the fact that rubber clogs belong in the streetwear space. Slip-on shoes are an easy (and versatile) addition to any outfit, and they’ve already gotten endorsement from A$AP Rocky and Salehe Bembury, both of whom have created their own versions of mules. With summer bringing hot weather and beach trips, you’ll want to switch out your lace-up kicks for rubber ones.

If you’re ready to flash some ankle (and do so with style), Off-White’s Spongesole Meteor Slippers are now available at the streetwear label’s website. A pair will run you $500, but considering the cost per wear, you’ll be paying pennies. Don’t pass up these otherworldly slippers.